All plants produce fruits that contain their seeds.Some fruits are dry husks,but others are juicy and tasty.These attract animals,which eat them and carry the seeds in their stomachs.The tough skinned fruits seeds are not digested but are scattered far away
 from the parent plant in the animal's droppings, and grow into new plants.
Many different queries pop in our minds whose answers remain unanswered by common
 individuals.Just yesterday my tiny tot was asking me,'Are fruits seeds?Are vegetables  fruits?'and many more.Well, my child expects answers from me and yes he got his answers.Therefore I would like to share my answers with my readers.
No,fruits are not seeds.Fruits develop from the flower's ovary and the hard pips inside are the seeds.Potatoes and other root vegetables are plant roots,not seeds.But the interesting fact is that peas beans and other"legumes"are actually fruit and the seeds are the peas and beans inside the pod.
The GREAT LORD has blessed mother earth with diverse kinds of fruits.Many are seasonal while others are available all the year around.
Anyways here we will be discussing the benefits,origin and interesting facts of numerous fruits.Viewers hope you find it interesting.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         By Arshi Javed.

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