Considering it's name it wouldn't surprise you to know that watermelon is made of more than 90% of water.The high content of water keeps you hydrated in this scorching summer.
We would like to highlight a few healthy benefits of this blessed fruit.This pink juicy fruit is an excellent source of energy. It also acts as an inoxidable agent to our body.Some of other diverse benefits that are associated with it to our health include prevention of diseases like heat strokes,heart diseases,impotence,diabetes and as well as cancer.It is consumed along with other nutritious drinks in high percentage in tropical regions to offer relief and protection from heat strokes.
Skin Care:
  • Anti-ageing-Watermelon is a rich source of antioxidants like lycopene, Vitamin A and C. These help reduce free radicals in the body, thus preventing the signs of ageing.
  • Acts as a natural toner for skin.
  • Moisturizes and Hydrates your skin.
  • Helps in curing the Acne.
  • Treatment for the sunburns.
    1. Cleanse your face thoroughly
  • Dab a cotton ball in watermelon juice
  • Apply it to your face.
  • Leave for 15 minutes
  • Rinse off with cold water.
Hair care:
  • It promotes hair growth.       
Pregnancy Care:
 It is highly nutritious for pregnant women.
  • Eases heart burns
  • Reduces swelling
  • prevents dehydration
  • Alleviates Morning sickness
  • Reduces Muscle Cramps
  • High Glucose content
Thankfully our CREATOR has blessed us numerous things extensively with diverse kinds of vegetables and fruits which fabulously protect and benefit us in all the ways.
                                                                                                                          By Ishra Devaj.

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