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Home Spa Party for DIVAS

      Get ready for the cozy,relaxing and refreshing home spa party only and only for the LOVELY DIVAS.........


       Invite your friends with a lovely and beautiful invitation card with all the details regarding  DATE,VENUE,TIME,HOST,DRESS CODE......
  • Prepare a basket in which add some pink coloured chocolates,a pink nail paint,invitation card,pink daisies.
  • Wrap the basket with a pink satin ribbon and send the invitation to all your friends.

Decorations & Preparations:

If you are in a budget;
  • Decorate your venue with pink and pink and pink decor as it is a girly colour.And also you can think about red & white combination which is also a cozy gesture.
  • Including pink curtains,pink sofa covers,Inky pinky pillows etc etc....
  • Candles! Lots of candles and soft lighting. Candles create a tranquil atmosphere... a cozy, peaceful vibes.
  • Welcome your guests with a drink in keeping with your decor and also with the party themed cupcakes and chocolates .
  • Have some soft instrumental music playing around.
  • Be sure to have lots of fresh warm towels and spa apparel on hand and easy access to rinse water.
  • Set up a small table with aromatic hand creams,nail paints,essential oils and some nail grooming tools to pamper your guests.
  • Hire a professional or two to come in and do massages, facials, manicures and/or pedicures. Nowadays there are even mobile spas available in a lot of cities.
If you are not in a budget;
  • Try to gather your friends and share your idea about HOME SPA PARTY.Divide the work and preparation amount among all so that everyone can enjoy the party which is a great idea.
  • And further you can proceed with the following preparations listed above.

Food for the party:

  • Get some themed cupcakes and candies.You can also include some russian salad,nachos with cheese dips,heavenly caramel dips,whipped yogurts etc.It will be just enough....AWWW...

Activities & Games:

Spa parties are all about relaxation and conversation, so in general any games that are low on preparation time and high on initiating vibrant chat will be winning choices.
  1. Truth or Dare
  2. Spa DIVA
            A spa DIVA is a great ice breaker, conversation starter to add to a home spa party or day spa outing with friends.
How familiar are you and your friends with spa terminology, history, and more? Have fun finding out who is the real spa diva among you.
    3.Teaching/Demo session
              Teaching session includes setting up a table to demonstrate on how to make one or more beauty products like spa soaps,bath bombs,essential oils,face scrubs etc

Spa Party Prizes and Favours:

  • A basket of bath and beauty products is always a good choice as a door prize for the DIVAS.
  • Print a copy of CREATE A HOME SPA BY "ALLARSH" on pretty paper. Roll it up (like a diploma) and tie a piece of ribbon or raffia around it. You could also add a beautiful candle and tie them together.
  • Tie a facecloth and a bar of body soap together with raffia or ribbon.
  • Get some small pretty jars or sachet bags and fill them with bath beads, bath salts or your own homemade scented epsom salts.A great idea.
                         HEY DIVAS!!!!!!!!!!HAVE A GREAT SPA PARTY.......
  By Arshia Shaik
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