9 daily habits of a stylish women

Contrary to the regular belief,stylish women aren't a super human being,they are leading a prepared life.If you don't see them with a wrinkled outfit stained all over,unmatched jewelry or hobbling in painful heels,it's not because that doesn't happen to them.It's because they know how to deal with it. In fact they deal with it on regular basis. Reality is,the fashionable friends you envy have a very helpful habits that make them look what they are.All you need to do is to start practicing them right now.
The future belongs to those who prepare for it today....
  • Keep things Organized: df4c421e95426a4c98fd5d99afc59e04These girls keep their life always organized.It's not a magic or a rocket science.Its just the way you see it.Starting form choosing the outfit to organizing the wardrobe with well dry cleaned clothes.They never lounge their blazers or silk clothes on the couch.They curl up in leggings and sweatpants.Fold and hangup the clothes right after wearing in order to ensure that they are ready for the next time to wear.
  • Follow the regular trends:PicMonkey CollageKeep yourself updated with the fashion world.It may take time but you will definitely get into the shoes one day.Don't be a slave to the fashion.No need to wear the exact outfit and accessories which can be out of your budget,Its just that choose the right thing within your budget which make sense.  
  • Get ready according to the weather and occasion:
9bf9f52a8d61d6a8dd7f9af76445bca9 b1e4d8d264ceccdb0479a0254b561846   Always check the weather before choosing the outfit.Its very important which will help you to carry the one easily.The best costume helps you to stand out and the worst will embarrass you for sure.They look polished -never the ones tugging at their miniskirt in a room full of more conservative looks.
  • Choose your outfit a night before:Pulling out the outfit before night helps you running around in a panic morning and also gives you extra time for makeup.WINK.!!!!
  • Choose right undergarments:Foundation of a good look is a good undergarments.Exposed bra strips,visible panty lines and ill fitting bras will distract the whole look.So always choose the right fitting and comfortable undergarments which will shape you like a diva.

  • Give yourself a plenty of time to get ready:Not all of us are  gifted in that we can pull of in 10 mins and still have that effortless,Parisian look.Give your snooze button a rest and wake up early enough so that you can put sometime into your look. Always take plenty of time to get ready with all your makeup stuff.Never miss out anything !!!!!
  • Choose unique accessories:fashion-assesoriesEver wonder how a stylish women make a simple jeans and t-shirt impossibly chic???It has a lot to do with the outfit of course,but there's another subtle way like adding a luxe bag,classic pair of earrings,leather belt,all and all one expensive-looking accessory will definitely polish your look.
  • Mix high and low fashion: You don't need to wear designer from head-to-toe.A simple piece of unique jewelry will look trendier,when you know how to mix and match the high and low fashion.Invest in classic pieces rather.  
  • Be comfortable:Mix-High-with-Low-FashionComfort is fashion.Comfortable costume always helps you to feel confident,BINGO!!!!                                                                       ALLARSH EDITORIAL

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