Amateur Friendship

picture courtesy:Sweta Biswal (oriya rasoi)
I knew Sami for only a few years, but i came to like him exceedingly,in fact i fell in love with him.I met him online and we became real good friends. We exchanged greetings nearly everyday and hanged over the phone for hours gossiping endlessly. My feelings towards him was mutual.I feared to express my love for him,but my true feelings touched his heart and he easily comprehended my emotions.He was mutual too and we became real good friends.
I went overseas to pursue my computer engineering degree,and Sami dropped his education. He never told me but i came to know about it through one of his close associates.
Sami became addicted to drugs and never completed his studies.I got engrossed in my studies,involved in a part time job to bear my expenses.Time passed away,my fantasies, my dreams all seemed lost in the course of time.Sometimes i attempted to call him but every time his phone was switched off.As he was my online friend i never met him personally but my intense feelings for him seemed to grow more and more.
During those years Sami's addiction was a havoc to his family.His father was at the rim to disown him but his mom fought for him and tried her best protect him,treated him medically but Sami was not co operative.He got involved with bad companions.Together they consumed drugs at his own backyard.His father got tired of him and his associates.He secretly informed the anti drug squad.The team raided the backyard at midnight and held the consumers.Sami begged and cried for assistance from his parents but his pain and mutiny in his eyes were unseen and unheard .This time his mom reacted beyond his expectations. She behaved strongly and calmly responded to the team to take great care of him.
In time with the help of his family Sami overcame his addiction,started his own business with his father and got married. After a year he became a father. His life was all set and running smoothly.
At last after three years i saved enough money to visit Dhaka, Bangladesh. Sami lived in Dhaka. I planned to meet him this time.I wished to take him by surprise .I even bought heaps of pretty things for him.In fact i spent all my savings.The whole episode of his earlier life was unknown to me.I came to Dhaka in 2010 with dreams in my eyes and high hopes in my heart. Mixed feelings,joy,confusion even fear resided within
The next morning i tried his phone.Luckily it was answered by his father. A meeting wad settled in his home.Keeping his likings in mind i put on my best outfit.I bought a red bouquet of fresh scented roses. I reached there.A young ;tall ,fair - complexioned man in his thirties opened the well polished wooden door.Instantly we recognized each other as we often exchanged our pictures online.He had a warm ,smiling face.he stared in awe and i felt like to hug him,but i was bashful.I was on cloud nine.Gradually other family members  joined him on the doorstep to welcome me.I was over whelmed with joy.
Wow!!!Oh my God!!!Sami was just in front of me!!!!
As we all settled down in the living room a sweet, young, blonde haired,brown eyed and a rather red faced lady who looked very good tempered appeared with a tray of cool lemonade for all.She served me with a broad smile.I gently took the glass from the tray.Sami introduced her to me as his wife.The news was a hard cheese for me to swallow. I stared blankly at dreams ,my great aspirations  would shatter in a tick i never knew,never imagined even for once.
Suddenly my thoughts were gypsy; felt a penetrable ache and remained speechless for quite a number of minutes.Knew not how to react.Though it took little time to recollect myself rose on my quivered feet spoke a few apologetic words with the family which i remember not at all and giving them rather lame excuses shortly left the place.My abrupt behavior must have arose few unanswered queries in each individual. I wanted none to see my flow of feelings.I hired a cab and went back home.Finding a dark corner i outburst-ed.....allowing my tears, my pain to just flow away. I cried till my head ached.My mom ran to my rescue.She cupped my face in her hands , wiped away  my uncontrolled tears , held me tight,closer to her heart and spoke soft words which worked magically.I limply leaned on her strong,supportive  shoulders and her words healed me internally. I spent a few days in complete solitary.I understood the meaning of life, fate and destiny.In my self confinement i resolute d hundred times to act sensibly in front any members of Sami's family and convinced my own self to accept the truth brave heartedly.
I ignored several calls and messages from Sami.But his repeated attempts bounded me to answer him back.Well the time had come to face him.I was hurt ,aggrieved;my mom accompanied me to meet him this time.I felt courageous.
As usual Sami and Goldie,his wife were good  entertainers,they took me to a fishpond near their house where a few people were fishing. Goldie was a chatterbox.She came up with a fishing rod insisting me to fish.I had no idea how to start.Sami taught me new fishing techniques and what kind if baits to use. I felt little lighter and happier.We spent a lot of time at the fishing ground .The place was heavenly,isolated and greenish.There were trees all around.The water in the pond was cool and clear. Tall ,shady coconut ,mangoes and jack fruit trees encircled the pond.Diverse species of birds nestled  around the lonely spot.Further away we could hear
Foxes howling.At a distance mom was smiling at me.I interpreted her mind and i could sense pride in her eyes.she marveled  at me the way i recollected myself and let none to understand  my feelings.Time passed and we spent longer hours together in various sports or idling by the fishing ground.
My days were drawing near and i had to leave for Canada.Bumping to a mutual friend one day i came to know that Sami was facing great loss in business. I became worried for him.To help him out from this mess suddenly became my primary headache. I talked to mom to sell my portion of land which i inherited.At first mom wouldn't let me do so as it was saved for my future. On repeated  insistence she agreed rather reluctantly. I vowed to her that in the long run i would buy a double of that land dedicating it to her nobility, sincerity and firm reliance in me.
On my final and last visit to Sami's house i handed him a cheque requesting him to accept it without any queries. He was not happy at all but my continuous persuasion bounded him to accept it and with hearts we bade our final goodbyes.Time on the other hand  brought us more closer mutually and strengthened our bonding.
 "Life has taught me lessons about perseverance, friendship, family and living with a positive attitude.In times of need the support of family and friends help to overcome all sorrows or any painful legacy."
                                                                               By Arshi Javed

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