10 apps every working girl must have

  • In this world of rat race,it's very hard to balance personal and professional lives specially for a working women with all the conference calls,car rides and restless nights.Not forgetting the technology from the same world,which has given us a lot of apps that make life so much easier for the working women!!!From the apps that help you to stay fit despite grueling work system to ones that help reach work on time . Want to know which are our picks for your phone??
  • Google Maps:
This is probably one of the best app for commuting easily.It gives you all the traffic updates so that you can choose the best route to reach your workplace quickly.Its a perfect guide for the road travel as it helps you to navigate your new location without asking the pedestrians.
  • VithU:
An app by Channel V, VithU is a step towards ensuring the safety of women given that this topic has become a major concern in our country today. An emergency app, users must first enter the list of their closest contacts that need to be notified in the case of an emergency, and when the need arises, at the click of the power button (two consecutive times,) it sends out alert messages every 2 minutes to the contact list. The receivers can then spot your location on the app to come assist you, if need be.
  • Shetaxi:
This one is a fleet of taxi cabs operated by women in order to make travelling easy for women commuters. All you have to do is set your pick-up location and book your ride, paying only after you’ve reached your destination.
  • Intuition:
Designed with busy moms in mind, Intuition+ keeps track of all your shopping lists, things to do, and appointments. You can even separate to-do lists into different categories and grocery lists by store! No more climbing into bed at night only to have a moment of panic as you realize you forgot to do something that day.
  • Snapp:
Snapp! is a networking app that lets you put business contact information into your phone in 10 seconds, according to the iTunes App Store. After adding a new contact to your phone, Snapp! automatically sends him or her an email with your contact information, social media links, and even a short business brochure.
  • Shoeboxed Receipt tracker and Receipt Reader:
Are you tired of saving receipts, only to lose them later? Just take a picture of your receipt and Shoeboxed will fill in the date, payment type, store, and total money. Shoeboxed can create and email expense reports instantly, so you’ll never have to worry about lipstick-stained receipts crumpled at the bottom of your purse again.
  • Dropbox:
Dropbox allows you to access all of your documents, photos, and videos from anywhere. You never have to panic if you lose your iPhone or computer, because all of your important files can be stored in this app. Dropbox also allows for easy sharing between phones and iPads!
  • ATimeLogger:
By the end of the day are you asking yourself where all your time went? aTimeLogger allows you to keep track of how you’re spending your time in 14 different categories, including housework, transport, and work. This app also organizes what you do during the day into daily, weekly, and monthly statistics so you can optimize how you use your time!
  • Drinking Water:
Working hard and looking good takes some practice. That’s why we downloaded this app that’ll keep our skin hydrated despite the air conditioning. It reminds you when you need to drink a glass of water and also keeps a tab on your water consumption habits. All you need to do is set the number of cups you wish to drink each day (women generally need to consume between 2–3 litres of water everyday) and the app will keep reminding you to do exactly that.
  • Office Workout:Exercises:
Sitting in one place facing the computer can cause some serious damage to our body. While we often give ‘too much work as a reason for skipping exercise before or after work, the Office Workout: Exercises app shows you easy workouts that you can do at your desk itself! From stretches to wrist exercises and eyes workout, this one has it all.                                                                        ALLARSH editorial Save Save Save

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