In the days when i was in Tripoli,Libya i hired two young Bangladeshi men to help me out for a week. They used to come to my home,worked the whole day and left after evening.One of my friend's mom came from Hyderabad, India to stay with her for a couple of months. Perhaps after a month or so i invited Mrs.Kapoor to stay with me for a day or two.she liked me immensely therefore accepted my invitation instantly. She came to stay the next day.            As usual after completing the house chorus i went out to pick my kids from school leaving Mrs.Kapoor at home for an hour and so.The two young assistants were randomly working.          Mrs. Kapoor, feeling lonely went up to them to have a chat.The men were engrossed in their work.Noticing Mrs.Kapoor they both reached her and inquired if she needed anything. She nodded and said that she was feeling bored and lonely so she came up to them to have a chat.           She asked one of the men,"What 's your name,young man?"
          Instantly the man replied,"My name is Sheikh Mojibur Rahman"
           The lady looking at him inquisitively queried no more. Therefore she moved to the other guy and asked him name. Anxiously the second guy replied,"My name is Mohammad Ali Jinnah."
           Now,Mrs.Kapoor was in a real state. She freaked loudly and skirted off to her room like a gunman in the Old West expecting gunfire at any minute;locked herself in till my return.
          On my return,Mrs.Kapoor slowly came out,her legs quivering ,glared amiably around her left and right and i noticed a look of fear flickered across her face when she saw the men again.           Finishing their work, the muscular men shouldered their back packs  and said me goodbye. 
          Now,she came closer to me and whispered. .....her voice was a husky  bass that sounded as if all her high notes had been burnt out and said,"These men are extremely dangerous.They call themselves Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Mohammad Ali Jinnah  (renowned politicians and father of Bangladesh and Pakistan respectively )and i fear that they intentionally  called themselves by those names to provoke fear in me."
           Gently i held her quivering hands and soothed her that these were innocent men and that those names by which they called themselves were their own real names.I kept talking to her about their genuine identity till she calmed down.

          Unfortunately, the division  of the sub continent and re-birth of individual nations left  frightful scars and signatures of its own among those who visualized the whole episode of international intrusion of nations.                                                                            By Arshi Javed

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