How sugar effects your skin

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  • Sugar is highly acidic,and while all acidic foods can cause inflammation to some degree,sugar is one of the worst.
  • Long term affects of consuming sugar include premature aging and scarring . sugar  attaches to proteins in the bloodstream, forming new harmful molecules called ' advanced glycation end products'. These reduce the effectiveness of elastin and collagen,proteins in the skin that help maintain its youthful appearance.
  • Normally collagen bulks out the skin and gives it a younger plump look. Elastin gives the skin recoil do that when you smile or frown your skin goes back to how it was.If u persistently eat a high sugar diet then as a result, the collagen and elastin will become more rigid, making room for wrinkles to form and the skin will lose that youthful plumpness. It also makes it harder for the cells in the skin to repair normal damage.
  • What sugar you shouldn't eat :
    Simple carbohydrates are your skin's enemy since they rapidly breakdown into glucose and result in insulin spikes .Its better to avoid foods high in saturated fats like: white bread,candy, fried stuffs, ice cream , fruit juice, pasta,ketchup,cream cheese,jam, pizza, sugar (white and brown),packed snacks, sodas and fizzy drinks.
  • What sugar you should eat:
    Switch to complex carbohydrates,like brown rice and vegetables which are broken down into glucose at a slower rate and therefore don't cause that pesky  insulin spike.Foods like beans , nuts and whole grains,  as well as fibrous  foods,delay sugar absorption, also assist to control blood  sugar levels.Do your best to follow anti -inflammatory diet of healthy fats  (like olive oil and avocados) lean protein,fiber (like broccoli and cauliflower )and antioxidants  (like berries )if u desire for a glowing youthful skin.
  • Avoid liquid sugar:
    It's hard to count quantities on liquid.It goes down easily too.the first step to lowering sugar is easy and that is STOP DRINKING soda, pop lemonade, smoothies , shakes, yogurt smoothies, sweet teas,milk teas and juices.
  • Sugar & wrinkles:

       Well you see your skin has three types of collagen and glucose weakens type lll, the strongest and most durable collagen,making skin look less supple .High glucose levels  can dry skin, which makes skin more likely to wrinkle.

  • It's not just desserts:
    Oh!!!consuming sweets seem to be the biggest diet sin but when it comes to your skin, do you know that all carbohydrates can wreck havoc .If u eat a light  pasta salad for lunch your body converts that to sugar and sometimes the amount of sugar is comparable to your favorite  candy bar.Whole grains tend to be digested more slowly than white rice, bread and pasta, which means that your skin is not hit with as much glucose at one time. The best way to ensure a lovely complexion and skin is eating a balanced diet,full of vitamins A& E and skin helping nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids.                                                                          By Arshi Javed

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