• Tell something about you ? and How would you describe your site to new readers ?
 Hello. I prefer to be called shibani. Since childhood I love to cook and always try to give a new look to the regular dishes.  I immerse myself in cooking as much as possible . After marriage I got so many chances to experiment with foods, my in-laws  love to have new dishes so I never hesitate to try new .
My site is  a reflection of recipes , what I prepare daily. I always try to make my recipes simple , which can be prepared  within 30 minutes. My recipes are also so easy to prepare that it can be tried by a beginner. I use simple language while writing my recipes , so that it can be understood by all . I don’t like to make my blog lengthy and dirty .I use only those ingredients which can be easily found and available everywhere.
  •  When did you start blogging and what has inspired you to do so ?
Honestly my blog is my diary . I record my tried and tasted recipes their. So that When I look for  a particular recipe I can find it easily.
 2 year back I was sharing recipes in various food groups .One of my co- blogger Neelima Katti, told me to start blogging. That time I didn’t know what is blog and  what benefits can I get from blogging. She was truly a inspiration for me , I never  thought  I can blog and manage it so easily. She  always  pushed  me to the world of blogging.
  • The photos of your  recipes are one of the highlights of your blog. What are the element that go with each photo ?
Truly, I am a self taught photographer. My friend Nilima Di has taught me some basic photography tips. Then I saw others photography, read many article online and kept experimenting .Everyday I am learning new tricks and techniques about photography.  I have a nikon D5200 camera and a tripod. I never shoot without tripod. I own  several wooden boards, which I have painted myself. As I am living in a small town I don’t own many food props, I use regular household things in photography.
  • Have there been any mistakes along  the way that you have learnt from ?
No one is perfect , not even I. Its good to  learn from mistakes. Of course sometimes my recipes doesn’t turn out well, I never put those recipes in my blog.  I put only those recipes which are tried many times in my kitchen.
  • Name three ingredients you consciously avoid or eliminate even when the recipes call for it ?
Food color, dry red chilli and canned fruits.
  • Are there any 'shibani Hota' trade secret about cooking that are still hidden from public eye ?
No, there is nothing like that. I believe people should know what I know and learned from others. 
  • Out of all the method of cooking which is your personal favorite ?
  I love baking. Apart from cakes and cookie, I try to bake almost every fried stuff.
  • If you have any four people, from anywhere in place, over for dinner, who would they be ?
SM shidhique(my baking teacher at IHM), my mum (since spinsterhood I never got chance to serve a good dinner  to her  ) Neelima di (my ideal, who inspired me to do blogging)
  • What do you do when you are not cooking and blogging ?
My baby is only 3 years old and requires a lot of attention. I generally cook and Blog after getting time from her.
  • What are the best & worst thing about the food blogger ?
It gives us a chance to know about many cuisines and foods, about which we are unaware of. Its also makes us to learn many other things like I learned photography. Blogging helps us in making  many new friends and gives us a chance to learn about many traditions and customs of people.I  have not experienced any drawback of blogging till now.
  • If you could just banish any one food, from the earth, what would it be ?
  • Which other blog do you follow ?
Turmeric and spice, rasamalaysia , cubesnjuliennes
  • What advice would you like to give to people who want to start blogging ?
I am new in blogging and yet to learn many things. so waana  pass messages to others that  try to involve in blogging seriously. Think of blogging as a profession and constantly try to improve yourself. And stay in touch with co-bloggers and have gut to learn and experiment . One must be brave enough to face critics.
  •  What can we expect shibani hota in future ?
Cooking and Blogging is my passion, so I never plan for future but I can promise to contribute many new and twisted recipes in future also. I need to try my hands in different cuisines.
  •  What has been  your experience with Allarsh ?
It has been a wonderful  experience to get connected with Allarsh. I am really honored to be with you and hoping for a lasting relation in future also.
Lets wrap up the interview with few quick Questions:
  •   Favorite savory ingredients to cook with 
  •  Favourite sweet ingredients to cook with
  • When I m feeling lazy I cook
        Dal chawal
  •  My pick me up dish 
       Fried rice with manchuria
  •  Favourite dish not cooked by me
       Manghso jhol( mutton curry) cooked by my Mother In Law.
  • For a romantic meal I would like to eat
       Any Chinese dish
  • One cuisine I can live on 
       Ofcourse Indian cuisine
  • One recipe I want to pass on
       Dalma( a traditional odiya recipe) ,my mothers special recipe , I would love if my mother in law will make it.
  •  Favourite colour
  • Favourite movie
        I don’t watch movies
  • Favourite Tv show
       Any comedy show
  •  Favorite book 
       Baking bible and Bread bible
  •  Favorite time of day 
  • Your zodiac sigh
                                  My Recipe for ALLARSH
                                                                        Shibani Hota
                                                                        Golden Spices

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  1. shibani hota says:

    Thank you for featuring allarsh

  2. U r most welcome shibani hota 😊

  3. RANJITA says:

    Shibani felt happy reading Ur feature in alarsha.Well written.

  4. RANJITA says:

    Shibani felt happy reading Ur feature in alarsha.Well written.

  5. shibani hota says:

    Thank you so much…glad you liked it

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