• Q1. Tell us something about you? And how would you describe your site to new readers? I am an Author, Entrepreneur, and a Designer. I studied design in college, but my life always centered around food. I am a food enthusiast who adores cooking wholesome meals from scratch using fresh ingredients, shooting videos, clicking pictures and loves writing about it. I try to find newer and innovative ways to do the cooking in easier, healthier & faster ways, without compromising the great taste. My blog, My Ginger Garlic Kitchen is my creative playground. It is a place for my food musings, a stage for the photographs and videos I shoot, where I weave words into stories that form the fabric of my own life. This is a place for me where my unforgettable memories about food are turned into delish recipes!
  • Q2. When did you start blogging and what has inspired you to do so? I have been making my own cooking database for about 10 years now. For many years, they all lived in MS-Doc files. Later on in 2014, the wiser idea and my desire to share my work gave rise to my current blog. Good food is one thing which always fancied me. So creating and sharing it was the main driver which gave birth to my online real estate - MyGingerGarlicKitchen
  • Q3. The photos of your recipes are one of the highlights of your blog. What are the elements that go into each photo? Thanks for the compliment. I took many online courses to get better and better with my styling and photography. Everyday and every single dish is a new learning for me. And my photography trend changes every once in a while. Or I should say, I change my trend when I get bored of the old one.:) However, one important thing I always follow when it comes to photographing food is — layout-ing my dishes before I click them. Sometimes on a paper and other times in my mind. Can’t help a designer mind inside me! About styling I love to showcase raw ingredients. I try to make them look as natural as possible. For example, overflowing beverages, melting ice-creams, etc. I believe such natural touch makes food more appetizing. Sometimes I use flowers, and sometimes just a fabric in the background does all the magic. I love natural light and click my photos in natural light whenever possible. Of course, varying shooting angles is also important.
  • Q4. Have there been any mistakes along the way that you have learnt from? Yeah, plenty. And it’s a learning which never stops. For example, I have burnt my food many times while broiling. And every such incident have taught me a lesson.
  • Q5. Name three ingredients you consciously avoid or eliminate even when the recipe calls for it? Well, I don’t really eliminate anything from my cooking. However, I try to opt for healthier options whenever there’s a chance. Whenever I can, I go for margarine instead of butter. I choose oil over margarine and no-oil cooking over oil version of the dishes.
  • Q6. Are there any My Ginger Garlic Kitchen trade secrets about cooking that are still hidden from the public eye? I consider myself as an open book, so everything I cook and share is very transparent. What good would come out of it if people can’t replicate the same lovable taste. So, no secret ingredients and no secret methods. 🙂
  • Q7. Out of all the methods of cooking, which is your personal favorite? Stir-frying and roasting.
  • Q8. What is the best compliment you ever got as a food blogger? A reader of my blog wrote something very touching once, “OH MY GOSH! I feel myself so lucky to be born in the same age as you are, so that I can learn directly from you.”
  • Q9. If you could have any four people, from any where in place, over for dinner, who would they be? I mostly cook for two of my most favorite people in the world. So I wouldn’t mention them here (my daughter and my husband).;-) Other than that, those four persons would be Martha Stewart, Chef Vikas Khanna, Meryl Streep, and Selena Gomez.
  • Q10. What do you do when you are not cooking or blogging? Working, spending time with family, drawing zentangles and zoodles and listening to calming chillout music.
  • Q11. What’s the best and worst thing about being a food blogger? The good thing is that you get to mingle with like-minded people who follow the same passion as yours. Every new blog post is a new challenge to provide readers/viewers something great and worth reading. And of course, coming up with new ideas and producing content on a regular basis could be draining sometimes.
  • Q12. If you could just banish any one food, from the earth, what would it be? Colocasia
  • Q13. Which other blogs do you follow? I follow so many. There are tons of good ones out there. It’s very hard to write every single name here.
  • Q14. What advice would you like to give to people who want to start blogging? There are some lessons I’ve learnt along the way. This could help. A new blogger could benefit from this philosophy of mine for life in general — Being YOU is the best gift nature has given to everyone. Don’t try to be someone who you are not. Do what you LOVE and MADE to do, do what your heart desires, and find out what you are meant for. Do your best thing with all the zeal you got, and the rest would be taken care of. Blogging or no blogging, everyone should follow their heart, because you just ask for it, and Universe provides.
  • Q15. what can we expect from My Ginger Garlic Kitchen in the future? Many many more signature recipes with mouthwatering pictures, and lots and lots of cooking tips! 😉
  • Q16. What has been your experience with ALLARSH? ALLARSH is a wonderful place covering women issues and has so many amazing contests. Love all the beautiful and delicious recipe videos on ALLARSH. And thanks for having me. It’s a pleasure for me to be here and would sure be visiting this place quite often now!

Let’s wrap up the interview with a few quick questions:

  • Favourite savoury ingredient to cook with Zucchini
  • Favourite sweet ingredient to cook with Honey / Maple syrup
  • When I’m feeling lazy I cook Soups
  • My pick me up dish Sandwiches
  • Favourite dish not cooked by me Pickles
  • For a romantic meal I would want to eat Pizza + Chilean red wine
  • One cuisine I can live on Indian
  • One recipe I want to pass on On a sweet note, I would love to share something sweet. So here is one of my favorite signature recipes which I would definitely want to pass on: Peach Jalebi Topped with Whipped Cream and Pistachio
  • Favourite Color Black
  • Favourite Movie The Fault in Our Stars (2014)
  • TV Show Well, I don’t watch any.
  • Favourite Book Snow White and the Huntsman
  • Favourite Time of Day Dawn/Dusk
  • Your Zodiac Sign Aries for
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