Instant Chapati Ladoo

Early morning there is more or less same story in every Indian household....what to cook for kids lunch box ??? Something that should be healthy , filling and at the same time should not take long to cook. Here is one such easy sweet recipe which can be made in a jiffy with just 3 ingredients !!

Chapati / Indian flat bread is generally cooked twice daily in my house . My Son has a sweet tooth and wants some sweet to be kept in his lunch box. So I make this instant Chapati Ladoo for him. He is a slow eater, but the day I give him this is for sure he comes with an empty dabba !!! The Instant Chapati Ladoo can also be served as after school sweet snacks or to satisfy hunger pangs or sweet cravings. And yes...this is also one of the best ways to utilize the left over chapatis.( try to make fresh chapati for kids to make this ladoo)
  • Chapatis -2
  •   Grated or crushed Jaggery - 2 tbsp
  •   Ghee - 1 tbsp
  1.   Tear the chapati into big pieces and grind in a grinder.
  2.   Add the grated Jaggery and ghee to it , mix and form into ball shaped ladoos
  3. You can press any dry fruit like Cashew nut or Almond on the ladoo to make it more appealing and rich before serving .
  1. · You can use castor sugar instead of Jaggery
  2.   Can add pinch of cardamom powder to make the Ladoos flavorful .
  3.   If the crushed chapati mixture is very dry to form into ladoo, you may add few drops of milk
By Poonam Bachhav(contest entry)  

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