multi grain idlis

1..1 cup Brown rice
2..1 cup Unpolished rice/ Ukda rice
3..1 cup Instant oats ( Patanjali )
4..1 cup Organic White Urad dal
5..Salt to taste
6..1 teaspoon ENO ( optional )
7..Water as required
Recipe Preparation
1. Soak both the varieties of rice together for 5 hours. Soak the Urad dal separately for 5 hours. Wash the rice and urad dal after the soaking period. Grind the dal to a smooth batter using minimum water.
2. Grind the rice to a not too smooth batter but still not lumpy or coarse either. Add the oats to the rice while grinding it and add water for ease of grinding. Mix them all together in a big enough bowl.
3. Add salt to taste. Add water to the batter to adjust the consistency of batter , not too thick nor too thin. Cover the pan and keep for fermenting overnight. Pour water in the Idli vessel and bring to boil.
4. Grease the idli mould with 2 drops of oil and fill it with the batter, after giving one or two gentle whisk to the batter.Steam for 15 minutes. Serve hot with any chutney of your choice and piping hot sambhar.
My Tip: Add Eno only if the batter has not fermented enough, depending on the weather. The basic ratio is 3:1, rice : dal. The varieties of rice and individual quantities can be varied according to personal choice. One teaspoon of Methi dana soaked and then with Urad dal also gives very soft idlis. Thin the batter with water to make dosas and uttappas in a non stick pan.
By Anju Bhagnari (contest entry) 

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