speechless memory lane(must read story for all the mom’s)

Mother to teach study to children
  • As a routine exercise, I am found in our society lawns, wandering around and stretching  under my own steam. One fine day, while on a customary date, I perceived Mrs. Khanna with her 7 year old son Saaransh, a class I student in a reputed school of our area.
  • Mrs. Khanna; she was an apple of every ones eye in our ladies club; she had maintained herself in the ripened age and was in pink of health. She was at all times found to be full of life and fervent one.  Mr. Khanna was in Indian Defense Services and was stationed at Mumbai.
  • To wrap up the time long day ever since Saaransh was enrolled in the said school, she had taken up as a Branch Head in a private financial institution. Notwithstanding the equilibrium of her obligations at domicile and her employment, she was a lively and participating personality in the society ladies club and supplementary affairs.
  • But what !!!, the lady that my wits had noticed was a weary and drained out. I was in a perplexed state of psyche, but judging it untimely to inquire for the clarification in the stern; I kept on my occupation and moved on to finish the encircling on the jogging trail. I was heading the passageway, where she stood lean and exhausted.
  • Out of inquisitiveness, I stirred swift; to bolt from the blue it was in no doubt Mrs. Khanna. I was taken aback to see her in a bizarre façade; with clumsy and uncombed hair fixed roughly with a clutcher at the back. Her eyes were red with the puffed-up under glares. She was so gripped in her thoughts that she was not troubled by the on goers. She did not even make out my presence besides her. I wobbled her and she was back to her sanity.
  • She greeted me morning and gave a tiny smirk. Meantime, the school bus arrived and she posed for my excuse and helped her son board the vehicle. She looked intently till the bus was out of our sight and continued waving to her son who was gazing from the window.
  • I held her from her back and we curved out to the benches in that beautifully covered gazebo hut. No sooner did we be seated ourselves, she took a mouthful of air and grinned with a sigh of relief.  I was not in charge of the knick-knacks in my mind and just held her hand in mine and solicited her for the cause of her condition. She tightened our mingled hands and embraced me; I am all right, she said. I kept on glancing in the impersonation of her eyeballs. She comprehended my fretful unease and again took a deep breath.
  • She narrated, being occupied in the annual closing at my workplace; the school science project, just slipped off my mind. Consequently, Saaransh failed to spot the opportunity to be a part of annual foundation day celebration of the institution. At this instant, I suspected hoarseness in her voice and also witnessed her moist eyes.
  • She continued, Saaransh could make out my preoccupancy at my office and did not accede anything to me. Nonetheless day before yesterday, I sensed he was upset when I was home, but he hugged me firmly and clinged up to me for few minutes. I did not sense a red flag and mistook him missing me the whole day. I was on my toes for next hour and a half in my homely chores followed by dinner and a good night sleep thereafter.
  • Yesterday, the flashed message on the schools Watssapp group for parents, was an eye-opener. I was dumbfound the split second I discovered that his buddies had grabbed the break and were conferred with the designations to head the annual merriment. The ground below slipped of my feet. I could recollect the distressed expressions Saaransh plastered the day before. I wanted to shed tears on my little one’s apprehension for my professional commitment.
  • I spoke to the school spokesperson and put in plain words before her. Even she was moved but was bound to the school statute and made me verbalize with the school head. She assured me for a stand by candidature of Saaransh; once we put forward on her board the project today itself. I was on ninth cloud and after making vital understandings with my further up the ladder, thanked her.
  • I could not make up to stay at office and rushed back home. On the way, I took along his favorite Cheeze Pizza with extra condiments and his favorite Black Currant ice cream. Having contacted one of the parents I knew, I procured all the essential bits and pieces for the assignment and finally I rammed in to the door bell.  Not expectant of anyone at the wee hours, Saaransh was doubtful to unbolt the door.
  • I calling his name, he reassured me at the other side, and unlocked the entrance. Not able to digest my attendance at strange hours, I had to cuddle him and make him deem the reality. He craved to ask over the unusual episode and was wandering in and around me. Also he desired to see what was that I carried in big parcels and packets. After freshening up myself, I squeezed him in my arms, and whispered in his ears, “There’s a surprise”. Surprise, he said and soared over me to unveil the suspense. I narrated to him the entire occurrence of the sequence.
  • He had his head bowed down and was finding himself blameworthy for the trauma I had undergone in past few hours. After his favorite meal, we disbanded the objects, chased the rainbow and created the model to be submitted at school.
  • No matter, on timely sensing the child’s uneasiness,  what she had went through the whole day yesterday, she had a assured contentment of having accomplished her sense of duty as a parent and had endeavored to her potential paramount to bring smile on her sons face. She tickled in pink for her achievement as a mother. With tears rolling down my cheeks, I hugged her and gave a pat on her back. The day was not less than a Red letter Day for Mrs. Khanna.
  • Had she not seen the Red Light in time, she might have lost her little one’s faith. Now, after all being mended, she was fearful of the schools feedback.
  • The other morning, I saw Mrs. Khanna lingering around the doorway of my wing’s elevator buzzing for me to arrive at the ground level for my every day stroll. I noticed her being over the moon. She was grinning from ear to ear. Full of joys of spring, she wanted to paint the town red. Albeit, I envisaged the cause behind her glee, but before I could make inquiries, she gave me a bear hug. I felt somewhat lukewarm and watery.
  • Mrs. Khanna was crying her heart out. These were tears of joy. I let her shed out. After few seconds, I applauded her back and advise her to rub off all that had happened. She informed me that the school had commended the project and that Saaransh would also be a part of the yearly event.
  • Though with the transitory of days, months and years, there had been a lot of heart catching occurrences I had come across, Mrs. Khanna and her hard striven venture is in my mind’s eye. Even today, when I see any mother carrying a school project or a school model, Mrs. Khanna jogs my memory. The motherly compassion and warmth is incomparable.
                                                  By Harpreet Kaur Chadha

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