5 lovable Kitty Party Themes

original1-1115769-11#Watsapp theme kitty party games and ideas:

People love to be engrossed in entertainment. To make watsapp more interesting more gooyey more radiant why not have a few innovative ideas n games..... Keep a lookout for amazing themes friends........

 WhatsApp message game

This is an interesting game.the admin of any group member can set quizzes for others regarding general knowledge, showbiz,sports,fiction or science related queries.the person answering first would be regarded as the winner  and the admin may reward him with praises or little gifts according to his own choices

The queries could be as simple as this:
  •     Name of any 5 movies
  •     Name of great people
  •     Name of places,politicians
  •     Name of showbiz stars starting with any letter....eg " a"

    2#Pajama party:


All the members would wear a similar dress eg. A pajama or any other funny cartoon theme outfit.this would be the dress code for the party.

Dumb charades:

Members of this party would be split into two or more teams.any one  member from the team would come forward and would be given the name of a movie.the person would have to explain the name of the movie to its corresponding team by using gestures only.

Glass tower:

Stainless steel glasses tower would be arranged like a tower.players would knock down the glasses using a toy gun.the more glasses knocked down ,the more the points gained....isn't that interesting dudes!!!!!?

Step on the tail:

Players of eleven or more would sit on their feet  round in a circle and sing any song ;one of the players would circulate round the circumference till the song is being played....the moment the song stops the circulating friend would have to throw a ball or handkerchief behind anyone of the members sitting and rush to sit at his own vacant space .If he succeeds in sitting without being caught by his chasing counterpart he is on the safe zone and the opponent is out.The opponent has to tag his tail to any of the group members.The person with more tails in the winner.....hahaaa little conspiracy n favouritism are viral here😅😅😅😅

Lucky lady:

A heart or any symbol is drawn in the center of a  huge chart paper.Therefore the symbol is concealed with another piece of colorful paper.Now the members have to sign the chart paper.The one whose signature is close to the hidden heart or the symbol would be the winner.


Members would be split into teams.Turn wise every team would have to come up with a song.the last letter of the first paragraph of the song would be the first letter of the song sung by the next team.Inability to come up with a song within a limited time period (eg time limit would be 10 secs) would result in disqualification 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 another shrewd game......isn't it....

3#Winter games:


Snowman construction:

The members of the party would be split into teams.Each team would have to build a snowman within a given time.The team which makes the best snowman would rejoice victory🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

snowball relay:

Here players take a spoon in their  mouth and  balance a Styrofoam ball on it .The player then walks across the room and drops the ball in a basket. If the ball drops on the way ,she loses.

Clothes on:

Divide the participants into two teams.Each team has to put on as many clothes as possible on one of its member.The team which manages to put most numbers of clothes on is definitely the winner.

Wrapping gifts:

Provided with gift boxes,ribbons and wrapping papers the participants who wrap the best would be considered the winner.

4#Slumber party:


Stick and Shift:

Organize two teams. Each team would have two members each.The game would have maximum rounds of  five or six. The teams would stand in two different lines across the room. At one end of the room ,on a table,a bowl full of cotton bowls and two pots of Vaseline would be placed. The players would have to apply Vaseline on their faces and then dip their faces in the bowl of cotton balls.well well the ecstatic players would have to rush to the other end of the room where they need to scrape off the cotton balls from their sweet faces and place it another team bowl.The team with more cotton balls in the bowl will be announced the winner.

5#Wedding theme party games:


Garland fun:

8 boys or more will stand with the groom in between,each having a garland of flowers,at one side of a room while on the opposite side of the room 8 or more girls with the bride in between, each having a garland of flowers will take their position. The two teams will stand facing each other. Bingo!🤗🤗🤗The groom's team will commence the game,throwing a garland  attempting to put it round the  necks of one of the bride's team members.The game will continue turn wise.The target is to put as many garlands as possible around the opponent's neck.Players must stand still throughout the whole game.The cheating part  or the most   amazing part of the game is that the team with more garlands loses while the minimal ones wins.

Ring -ring-roses:

Place a few pebbles and a ring in a big bowl full of milk ,water and red color.Sprinkle a few rose petals to give the game a level of vibrancy.The newly wedded couple will search the rings in the homogeneous liquid.the one who finds the ring is the winner.


This is an Indian game.One of the hosts will hide the groom's shoes if possible anywhere in the hall while the best one from the groom's side will search for the shoes.If he finds the shoes he will  lead his team to victory.Otherwise the groom has to pay a small incentive to get back his shoes.These little funs make the whole wedding spiritful.


Love letterssss!hahaaa!!!well this is something which the couple must be very good at. A blank paper and a pen would be given to them .They will have to write a love letter to each other .The one who mentions the term "LOVE💝💞💟" most is declared as the winner.

                                                                                         By Arshi Javed


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  1. Shashi says:

    Kitty’s are fun and I love fresh and innovative ideas ,I am sure my desires will get fulfilled here

    1. ALLARSH says:

      Thank you so much shashi… really glad you liked it 😊👍💕… stay connected 🤗🤗

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