The Damsel Queen – मलिका ई कॉलर वली Herself

The Damsel Queen - malika e Collarwali Herself, Princess W ( Queen's "W"orld) and Princess Y ( Queen's Fair"Y")
Before you question me, let me please clarify that the I am the sole proprietor of the names.
Pench Tiger reserve or Forest Department has no hands in it or idea about it and perhaps may will come up with official name of their own very soon. Till then, for my own clarity, I would like to call them W & Y because everybody deserves to have a “daak naam” (pet name) till their “Official Naam Karan”
So to explain what I am talking about, let me begin my short story ->
Not very long time ago at Pench, during the morning time of Spring Season when it was supposed to be windy and breezy but the sun was in no mood to spare, there were two wildlife enthusiasts sweating it out just to have a glimpse of the Imperial Family.
 They had made many many trips to the Nature’s Paradise and yet hopelessly unlucky to have returned back home empty handed each time.
When all of a sudden, a young sensuous lady, curvy and vivacious came out of the woods, She was looking down and making her way through the dried up twigs and leaves which may disrupt her swift and smooth walk.
A brown leathery necklace, little tight around her neck which was not very lavish, was on its way to be discarded soon She was not very happy to see the uninvited  “प्रजा {praja} ” who had come to salute her.
This time she was not alone. When she is alone, she will entertain you with her galore. She will gauge you. She will walk with you and move around you as if she is judging your worth..
You feel small in front of her. However, this time she had the delicate darlings with her. One was following her and as soon she saw the crowd sat down and tried to shoo you away.
 She sat behind the rocks and then got nervous . Tiny little claws and Tiny sparkling eyes curious and anxiousAnd then from behind came the second little girl, even more curious at the where about, sometimes peeping through right, sometimes peeping through left.
She decided to hide behind her Mother as if the World can't see her nomore. She was safe in her imaginary cocoon , following the trails of her mother.
She followed her Mother’s footsteps and reached the other side of road. The other one kept looking confused and mellowed down still behind the rocks.
Finally the Minister , our own Forest Officer, had to step in as he could sense the uneasiness when he decided to finally disperse the public so that the princess could go back to her mother’s lap and both of them enjoy a day happily ever after.
So something, like people say,
“Mangne se to Khuda bhi Mil jata ha”
It happened to the eager unlucky couple who were destined to be lucky after multiple trial and who had decided not to give up.
Something very similar happened to us.
Some happy moments, some dreams fulfilled, some moments cherished and some experience for lifetime.
Thank you guyz for joining my journey
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂  
                                                                                                           By Soma Pradhan

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