Delhi Haat Travel Diaries

  • My Perfect Oriya Thali in a trip to Wonderland Known As Delhi Haat
  • Delhi Haat in simple words is a wonderland to me. I wish I could bring Delhi Haat to Pune or shift to Delhi so I could visit this place every weekend.  But Delhi being our capital,it is why where it is.
  • I have always enjoyed visiting this place and I can understand why its called - "Dilli Dilwalon Ki" because Delhi has a big heart to accommodate everybody and anybody to make you feel at home.
  • I can call it an exhibition which is open through out the year. There are dress materials from every part of India ..girls run for who you can find the latest Indian Fashion there, food from every part of India and Tourists from every part of the World. The place is filled with aroma of food from different cultures and states, art and craft work like Madhubani Painting, Ceramic, Pottery and Jute Work to name a few, whatever you can think of (ofcourse Indian) can be found here.
  • The last time I went to Delhi Haat, it was extremely hot. So I decided I will just stop by, move my eyes around and take one small tour of the place and return. However, what I thought would be a small tour ended with hands full of shopping bags of eateries 😛
  • Thanks to the heat that I had to end up drinking 2 small glasses of Coconut Water for Rs120 :O . I mean who sells Nariyal Pani for Ek Sau Bees Rupaye ??? Full exploitation of the place and summer.
  • And then I moved to the food stalls. Why not have lunch here itself and then move ahead with our plans. I started searching for a place where I could eat something edible. And if you get home cooked meal, it’s a sone pe suhaga (cherry on the cake ) for me. The first stall I came across was a Bengali Home Cooked Food.
  • I thought to stop have a quick fish meal. But I was not in mood that day. I moved ahead, came across North East Restaurants – Momos and Chinese were being served. Hmm..No Chinese in this hot summer ..I started wandering looking at each stall, passed through so many states, like a small kid confused what to eat when thrown so many options in front…Oh The Punjabi stall serving Paratha and Rajma Chawal. That’s ultimate comfort food. The moment I decided to order a plate, my eyes laid on Oriya Stall.
  • An Oriya by heart and An Oriya by soul.. My decision was made. This is going to be my lunch place of the day. I start walking fast, hunger increasing my speed every second..Prima Facie, It looked sad and needed some color. A very tired boy came and just stood and stared. Didn’t say anything.I dont blame him.
  • Sun was torturing everybody. I put my camera and bag on one of the table, settled and started looking at the place and then up at the beautiful piece of Pipili work which provided shade to the entire area.
  • He handed me a menu card. When I asked the serving boy what will you serve me, He said—Sabu Jaha Lekha Heichi (Whatever is written in menu is available) . I was a bit surprised because the menu is very very long and the stocking of ingredient is superb despite I was the only person sitting there. I ordered a typical Veg Oriya Thali and plate of Gupchup (Pani Puri).
  • Now that I am waiting, my mouth is salivating at the Cuttack Gupchup he served in front of me. I think I should have just over eaten and stuffed myself till the throat. My Oriya Thali was  like a morsel of water in dessert for me. I was craving for that typical oriya food and its eaten with fingers not with spoon. It can easily be called one of the best meals which I was having after a very long time.
  • I had Usana Bhata (Steamed Rice), Daalma (Vegetable Lentil), Ghanta (Mixed Vegetable Curry), Bhendi Khatta (Okra is sweet and sour gravy), Saga (green leaves cooked in moong daal), Bandha Kobi Tarkari (Cabbage Curry) , Dahi Baingana (Eggplant in Curd) , Chena Poda (A sweet dish which only the oriya people would know) and at last a big plate of Dahi.
  • A full stomach makes a happy Heart !!!
  •  No complains on food or taste or hygiene. Well I did see few other customers when I was leaving who had come to eat "Only Fish"
  • Took some pictures of the place and left my dream land with a reverie to visit again. And what did I buy – Pickles and Wadi and Papads and Mouth Freshners of many many varities .
                                                                                                                                                    By Soma Pradhan
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