Interesting facts about staying up late(night owls)

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  • Early to bed and early to Rise has been one of the saying all of us have grown up to. Our ancestors arose early in the morning and went to sleep in the late evening. The purpose was to make complete utilization of light of day as little could be done once the moon came out. Health wise, the fitness experts too have been stressing all around to follow a routine to stay healthy fit and wise.
Humans are the only mammal that will willingly delay sleep
  • Opposite of being an Early Bird – who wakes up and gets on his toes is a night owl or evening person who tends to stay up until late at night. In several country sides the former's are called "A-people" and the ones in the later cluster are called "B-people". In earlier days, the “B” type people were being accepted as being responsible, to keep awake late night for their studies etc. However, in modern days they are kind of a questioned on to their character. Their personality is eyed as the rich brats. Also they are labeled as being careless monsters, or always being a social bug, the person might lose interest in his study, or the other daily day to day chores. However, the fact lies somewhere beneath the ground.
  • Researchers have found that the genetic make-up of the 24 hr day/night supports the difference between early and late behaviors of the early birds and the night owls. Some night owls who have great difficulty to accept usual sleeping and waking times may have delayed sleep-phase disorder. Morning light therapy may be helpful in shifting sleep patterns for the night owl.
  • While it has been suggested that the daylong pattern may change over time, turning lark to owl or vice versa. Though, the proof for family chart of early or late getting up would give idea to challenge this. Night owls have again and again been held responsible for lateness or approach problems. The company bosses however have go on to find out the extra productivity by connecting to body clocks through flexible working hours.
  • Some studies have found that night owls are more sharp and imaginative and more likely to get high-paying jobs than larks. This may have probably given rise to today’s call centre profile coming up worldwide. The owls have superior intuitive brains and artistically accepted knowledge and trained calculations than the larks. However, they stay behind larks in educational presentation and they tend to have unhealthy eating practice.
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  • Now the greater people bend over to put their feet up when it suits them. The guess is that stylish people go to bed afterward on than their matching entry. It is based on the suggestion that those who set off to sleep later, wake up later, thus gives an idea about high mental process behavior for the extent of peak times of the day. In difference to those who go down to sleep earlier in the night wake up earlier allowing cleverness and creativity and freshness.
  • This theory also received merit from studies in which those who scored a higher IQ declared to going to bed later than those who didn’t score as high. Not all is positive though the night owls are more likely to be emotionally unbalanced, unhappy and have addiction problems with things such as cigarettes and alcohol.
  • It’s a general idea that going to bed early is useful not only for your physical health but for your mind as well. However people who have the habit of staying up late and waking up in the mid hours of the day tend to have a higher IQ than the early birds. The general intelligence is a separate mental part not necessarily connected to other mental units such as social contact and capability to make aimed decision.
  • The habit of going to bed early has heredity reasons also: our ancestors didn’t have electricity, therefore staying up late wouldn’t have been of much use to them. Luckily, the creation of power and scientific growth has made it possible for people to use the night for work, entertainment or whatever makes them happy.
  • However, being a night owl may speak for a higher intelligence but it does have its harmful effect on our health. Waiting up late is time and again related to emotional instability, bad temper and sadness as well as some heart diseases.
Though a morning person may be congratulated, but there are actually some pros of night owls:

1. Night owls are more artistic than morning larks.

A general public feature among night owls is that they think themselves to be most creative at night. This suggests night-time types are more expected to be creative because of their non-conventional courage that arises from their non-conventional schedules. In other words, they are more likely to discover choices and new solutions

2. Night owls score higher on common brain tests

Teens are regularly promoted to go to sleep early to do better at school, but night owls may have the upper hand when it comes to general cleverness. Morning birds did do better than night owls in school night owls are likely to score higher on inductive reasons tests, which is linked to general intelligence. These qualities tend to be related with superior job-related achievement and higher profits.

3. Night owls have different brains.

Natural trend toward sleeping and waking, are also different when it comes to their brain. The result showed that night owls' was in poorer condition than their early bird ones mainly in areas connected with sadness and depression.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       4. Night owls have higher brain activity. To stay up past till midnight may be helpful when it comes to brain action. Compared to night owls, early birds have poorer movement in brain areas related to concentration and the day night cycle. The late-to-bed policy helps night owls handle sleep force.

5. Night owls are more likely to be psychopaths.

The negative part to stay up late at night could be the bigger risk for anti-social behavior. Night owls are more likely to show the Dark sides of personality characters — selfishness calculating and psychopathic — because they tend to thrive in a low-light setting where others are sleeping. The guess behind this judgment is that the dark of the night is the perfect time for psychopaths, or others who are mentally worried to cause mess since most of the population is sleeping.

6. Night owls have greater physical strength in the evening.

If you’re a night owl, it’s best to do your workout in the evening, to reach your body’s physical peak routine. Physiologically speaking, early birds’ power tends to stay steady during the day, but night owls have maximum show in the evening and this is due to the increase in motor cortex and spinal cord excitability in the evening.

7. Night owls tend to be men.

Men tend to believe themselves night owls more so than women because they tend to sleep less in general. To finish it, it can be said that though less sleep always has some side effects associated in respect to the physical health such as risk of developing diabetics, heart problems, weight gain etc, the other side of the coin is as bright as moon for the mental health.     By Harpreet Kaur Chadha
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