Tennessee Diaries – Gatlinburg – You will never run out of things to do

Gatlinburg is a mountain resort city in Sevier County, Tennessee. It is undoubtedly the most visited vacation spot. They have great outdoor adventures, music shows, art fair, family fun attractions and entertainment. No matter what your age is, everyone has an activity for their age, for their interest in Gatlinburg. 11 Gatlinburg has a great culture history associated with it. The place was then called as “White Oak Flats” in 18th century for the abundant oak trees covering the entire landscape. One tough lady – Martha Jane Huskey Ogle along with her family members and her deceased husband – Williams was the first person to settle here officially to honor her husband. Williams found this “Land of Paradise” for them. You can still visit Ogle cabin in Gatlinburg. There is also a story as the town was renamed to Gatlinburg after the person - Radford C. Gatlin who opened the town’s second general store. flowers-on-ober-gatlinburg In order to highlight the cultural heritage of the town, Tennessee Heritage Trail was developed. The trails are categorized as “Arts & Crafts Trail” (Which showcases handmade pottery, watercolors, and sculptures);   “History Trial” (which explores the history and people) and “Music Trail” (which explores diverse forms of Music).  Trolleys are available for each trail and one can hop on a trolley based on their interest and enjoy the trails. They run for free during summers. If you are interested in arts and crafts, take a trolley and visit the crafts community which is a home to 100 craft shops and artists. Watch artisans at work, chat with a painter or gift yourself love of craftsmanship. gatlinbur6 After our River Rafting in the Pigeon River, we walked miles along the downtown parkway which runs from one end of the town to the other. The entire way is filled up with a variety of things to see and activities to do, places to eat, shops to do shopping and attractions that astonish you. Gatlinburg prides itself on its walkability amidst the mountain heritage. Take a stroll, enjoy dinner along the little pigeon river, enjoy the sky lift, cruise up the space needle or just grab a chair and observe people. gatlinburg5 Nevertheless, the city offers various entertainment activities for kids – Mirror Maze, Moving Theater, experience the velocity of Earthquake, enjoy a carousel ride in an arcade, play mini gold in artistic Golf center, let loose yourself in the world of Illusions, visit most spectacular underwater tunnel aquariums, visit the strangest place in Gatlinburg – Believe it or NOT, visit Guinness world of records museum experience adrenaline rush in amusement parks or just go-karting. gatlinburg7 gatlinburg8 gatlinburg9 gatlinburg10 The entire parkway is decorated with vibrant flowers along the sides. Experience the party night with street music shows before “The Village” and street dance by lovely ladies. For your sweet tooth, you will find candy shops along the way.  Their pops are eye catching and a delicious treat. Don’t forget to try their Ice cream combinations.  Experience the retro world in the dine outs and family owned restaurants.  Not to forget to mention about the wineries scattered throughout the parkway and enjoy free wine tasting. Grab a chair near the road and enjoy an evening by observing people of different ages and interests.   gatlinburg2 An evening would not be enough to complete the activities in the parkway. If you are a person similar to me, then get an ice cream, grab a bench, observe people and soak yourself in the beauty of the city.   By Karthika Gopalakrishnan

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