Bonfire Kitty Party Theme

  • 824516462b463b3aa1bdeeaa1dd28b82Bonfire parties are a spectacular idea for getting friends and family members together⛺. Bonfire parties can be done on the backyard or even on the sea-beach. People of all ages enjoy this kind of fun, however it can also be risky, so safety must be maintained. Extinguish the fire after the party. Unleash a barrage of yummy snacks to keep your guests lively!🍕🍖🍗🍤🍮🍭🍫🍟🍔
  • Decoration:
Decorate the area with outdoor lights, torches, lanterns, big colorful candles and maybe some balloons as well. Give away glow necklaces and bracelets to your guests to surprise them. Dig a wide shallow hole and dump the logs in to light your campfire. You can also use herbs to make the fire smell better.♨Arrange the seats around the fire to make your party classy!
  •    Dress code: This is fully up to you. Casual dresses can be worn, wearing dresses like campers is also a great idea.
  •    Games: You can play outdoor games like football or cricket according to your liking. You can tell scary, spine chilling campfire stories to your guests after dusk to have some spooky fun 👻👻👻
  •   Here are some great games for you to play:
  1. Pass the leaking balloon- fill a balloon with water and pass it around the guest circle. The person who ends up with an empty balloon is considered as 'disqualified'. Repeat this till one person remains. This lucky girl will be the winner!
  2. Catch and pass- Divide the players in 2 or more groups. In each group make the players stand in a queue with a distance of 1 feet between each player. A bowl filled with water balloons and an empty bowl will be placed at two ends of the queue. The objective is to throw the balloons from team member to team member to end up the balloons in the empty bowl. Time limit will be set, as long as you wish. Two or more balloons cannot travel along the same queue at a time. Balloons that fall on the ground cannot be picked up during the game.
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