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IMG_0283-1024x682(pp_w717_h477)Hi kitties around the world. We are proud to present some fantastic games to fire up your Valentine kitty parties


Everyone is aware of valentine's color.It's red.Hey!!!love's ,spark's in air.Everything around you must be red...isn't it!!!!!so all the decorations follows the hard and fast rule.Red Red Red everywhere.A combination of white and pink too looms fabulous. Heart shaped cut outs,streamers,balloons,can be used for decor. Candles or tea lights with flowers give a more sensuous and warm feelings so such interesting items can also be used for a real classic party.

Centerpieces of the table can be made using red roses ,sticks of heart sin any pretty vases, teddy bears hugging lovely notes or even rennet cloth pieces will do.Anything expressing deep love can be the center piece.

Dress code:-

Red🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷off course.....that's the color of love.Western attires or Indian.All accessories, footwear and dresses gonna be red  and attractive.

Game 1: Lucky balloons.

                You're going to need some balloons, papers and helium gas for this game❣💌. Load all of your balloons with a blank paper and helium gas and let them float to the ceiling. Make sure that all balloons are of the same color. Tie red/blue ribbons at the bottom of the balloons to make them easy to catch. Remember that one/three of your balloons must have papers with Valentine💖quotes written on them. All of a sudden declare your guests to jump and catch a balloon. The one who gets the balloon with the quote card in it wins.💌

Game 2: Valentino emblem.

               Equip yourself with lots of face/body markers. Take a seat and be the judge for this game. Hand a marker to each couple. They will have to draw the best artwork they can on their soul mate's arm/cheek. 😚 Now it's your turn to decide their scores. The one with the best score wins. If you want you can take a partner/s with you to help you decide👥.

Game 3: Race of love🚘.

                Give every devoted couple a pair of red heart-shaped cushions. One part of the lovers will stand at the starting line the second part will wait for them at the finish line. The rules are simple. A lover must run to his partner with the cushion stuck between the knees. Once he/she reaches his/her lover the lover then must run back to the start with the cushion between the knees. The first duo to complete this race wins. In case the cushion falls down the contestant will have to start on the track again.


Game 4: Valentine Surpriseeee.

                Be "Poetic". Invent a poem or just copy one from somewhere. The topic must be related to Valentines day. Choose the most common word present in the poem, which is also related to 14th Feb for example "love" or "hug" . Now take a gift and give it to any contestant you like. All the contestants must now sit in a circle and every time the chosen word is mentions the gift must be passed to the next person. The person holding the gift at the end of the poem gets to open the gift.💝💟

Game 5: Valentionary.

               Give away a pen and a sheet of paper to all your contestants and tell them to write as many words as they can in one minute. All Words Must Be Related To Valentines Day(like💜😗or💏). The one who is capable of producing the most words wins.

Game 6:Love Conquers.♚♛

                Draw 12 red hearts on a big paper and number them 1 to 12. Sit around a circle with all the couples and the hearts on the center. Pass a pair of dice to a couple. The objective of the game is to conquer all the hearts with tokens. Each couple will get 12 tokens. Each time they roll the dice, the sum of the numbers on both the dices will represent the heart number they have conquered. Once conquered, the couple may put a token on the heart they took over. Each turn the dice will pass to the next contestant. The TRICKY part comes when two couples get the same heart one after another. In this case, the one who scores the heart number the latest will get to occupy the heart. This will then knock off any token already on the heart. After a time limit set by the Administrator (you) the game will cease and the one occupying the most number of hearts wins💘🎲🎲

Game 7: Guess My Movie

                Scribble down lyrics of romantic songs on a sheet of paper. Then sing the lyrics. The contestant who guesses it's movie name correctly at first wins. The one who has the most wins will be the prize winner.👑👑👑

Game 8: Play the snoop game

All participants need to search,count n write the number of same images on a printed paper provided individually within a time limit.the one who jotted down more is definitely the declared winner.

Game9: valentino word scramble

Its an interesting game.people of all ages will enjoy it.well, begin the game with words related to valentine 's day . scramble a long list of words on a paper and give a handout or a printout yo each participants. Fix the time limit.the one who organizes the most words is the winner.One can easily arrange this game at home.


Game 10:Word search game

You must have played this game quite often online.well, if you are still in practice then it's your day need to get ready on your paper to search for words expressing profound love💞💞💞💞💞that's valentino words💏💏💑💑💋💋💋like sweet,hugs,kisses,honey,sweetheart,flowers,gifts,romance....bla bla bla....set a time limit of o e minute or less than that and the pretty  fairer one who finds the maximum words is the winner.😊😊😊

Game11:Cupid heart and Dart game

Bonjour ladies!!!!! A smile from you is enough and the game is won.But here is a chance.The lovely participants are allowed to hit on the hearts of their lovers..not by a dagger .Only by darts😆😆😆😆.The game requires a heart shape dart board and magnetic darts.each fair lady is given a chance of six. The one who shoots the heart maximum times in the middle will be the declared winner.

Game12:I Love You 😗😗💏💏💖💞💝

In this game the participants have to send a message  of "I LOVE YOU", to their equal halves. The one who receives  the return message of "I LOVE YOU ,TOO",promptly or first is the winner.Through this game you can really  comprehend  the depth of love existing for you from your life partner.

                                                                                                                                  By Arshi Javed


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