New Born Check List

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Shopping is always exciting and for a newborn its far more adorable ,exciting and a little bit daunting as well.Everything is done with loads of love care so that the teeny mineey member gets all the comfort parents can afford for him/ her .No moment more delightful than holding your little ones may it be first, second or third and imagining your new bundle of joy all snuggled up inside.

Though the first issue ,the first experience means the most.To make your life easier we have come up with a compilation of all the baby essentials so that you can just go through it and shoot to the desired market place ūüėÉūüėÉūüėÉūüėÉūüėÉ.


  • Bassinet: Bassinets are used for sleeping purposes and are¬† smaller than cribs designed for young babies.They are typically placed by your bedside to give you easy access to your baby throughout the night.It has multiple benefits. It eases middle of the night nursing sessions and more accessible .

         New mommy's have less mobility after delivery and take time in recovering in that case bassinet is a major plus for them.Position your bassinet at the same height of your bed so that you can you can touch your newborn throughout the night to reassure that everything is fine.

         Different types of Bassinet mattresses are available in the,market but you must invest for the best and  a new one off course.Keep at least three sets of bedding as well.One being used ,one being washed and one for emergencies.

Some bassinets have weight restrictions as well, which vary depending on the model you purchase.

  • Baby monitor:
3_products-12312015 Before purchasing a baby monitor check its range and frequency. Go for a one which has a large enough range to be useful in your home and a frequency different from your electrical goods,particularly your cordless phone to ensure a clear connection.
  • Cot:If possible shoot for a new piece keeping in mind¬† the standard of your cot.standards of your cot should agree with the Australian safety standards. Optioning for a second hand product please check the standard first.f3c0933e61cf43ec8cdb75e52a83d350

          For Cot Mattress,You can select a good quality foam or natural fibre mattress at least 10cm thick and fits your cot snugly. Foam mattress are generally the cheapest.They are light weight, provide good support and easy to keep clean. Pocketed spring mattresses are similar to coil spring mattresses but provide excellent support and are extremely hard wearing.

         Natural fibre mattresses are a good choice If you are concerned about your baby sleeping on synthetic material.They are also the firmest types ,so the mattresses are long lasting and hold their shape quite well. Regarding bedding for cot,at least keep three sets -one being used,one being washed and one being for the middle of the night emergencies.

  • Sleeping bags: Younique-Pink-Cotton-Baby-Bed-SDL258703935-1-8a9baMost parents find sleeping bags very essential. The great thing about it is that the baby can't kick them off, and he is in deep peaceful slumber.Most parents also prefer to use it when their babies are a few weeks or months old.Never use a sleeping bag with a quilt or duvet,as it will make your baby far too hot.Choose a sleeping bag according to the season.For example,a low tog one for the summer (0.5 tog or 1 tog) and no more than 2.5 tog in winter.If you purchase anything more than this, it could certainly make your baby too hot.
  • Nightlight:Babymoov_Project_Night_LightA portable night light or a charger light are more preferable at the dark hours.You can carry it with you as you move around at night and leave it on for hours .Diverse range of lights are available both online or in the markets.
  • Mosquito net:If mosquitoes are a threat in your area ,a mosquito net attached to the cot would help to protect your baby .


  • Change Mat:While looking¬† for a changing mat select ones which has raised sides to stop your child from rolling away and has good quality wipe able surface.
  • Change table:baby-changing-tablesMost¬† of the homes nowadays are confined to a smaller space so if your home is not spacious you can opt for a fold able change table and close it after you are done with the nappy changing process.
  • Toiletries:iStock_000019447796Small-300x202 "Go green" is a more viral¬† motto of many so why not follow the same path for your tiny members .Select UN-perfumed,natural,possibly even organic.Toiletries for newborns as their skin are more prone to unfamiliar, harsh chemicals.
  • Nappy wipes: you need these wipes in large so always remain well stocked. You must look for¬† alcohol free wipes that are mildly perfumed and not too damp.
  • Barrier Cream: Well in this case you need to try a few of these barrier cream before you could find the suitable one for your child. Being inexpensive it's worthy to invest to find the one that works best for you.
  • Sorbelene cream: Why not consider using sorbelene cream instead of soap at bath time,if your baby's skin seems to be becoming¬† dry. Enriched with skin soothing contents ,that melts into skin and is moisturizing, it rarely upsets sensitive skin.
  • Cotton wool:1add126aa7ac43c457468b5eb62d04e5 It is a very handy product deliberately useful while bathing or spot cleaning baby's¬† face and bottom ,much better option than a flannel .
  • Cotton buds: These are useful to dry the nooks and crannies of your baby's ear after a bath .
  • Soap/bubble bath: That's luxury to have memorable¬† lovely moments you can use a bubble bath but do go for a formulated one for your babies.
  • Nail clippers: Trimming a child's nails is another hectic job to be done with pure perfection. Nervousness and anxiety grip many new mommy's.To ease your job you can purchase nail clippers to cut the nails.Avoid using scissors as these tiny instruments are more likely to cut baby's skin.Best time to cut nails of tiny tots after their warm bath because their nails are supple from the hot bath.
  • Hair brush:Choose a very gentle brush to comb tiny sprouts of hair.As your child grows older you need to¬† switch to a little strong brush.
  • Nappies: If you are using cloth or disposal nappies,you better start with at least 30 nappies for your newborn because tiny sweethearts need their nappies changed 10-12 times a day . If you are planning to to get some nappies sewn ,choose soft ,absorbent cotton fabric .readymade nappies are available in the market with drawstrings ,so you don't need to use nappy pins .see that you wash and iron the nappies before use as ironing kills extra germs¬† lingering on tne clean cloth. if you are using disposal ones ,don't stock¬† up too much in the earlier months as you baby will grow quickly aand you may be left with a pile of nappies that no longer fit.
  • 3-4 pairs of cotton gloves:fashion-baby-glove-cartoon-pattern-anti-grasping Newborns usually have long nails and the gloves will prevent them from scratching themselves.
  • Bath towel:Keep three to four¬† towels.Use one and keep¬† the other for washing.Use one to lay your child on during oil massage.
  • Face cloth:Consider two pieces of flannel,one for use and the other for washing.
  • Blooming baby bath:61AS6SabCzL Try to find one with a plug which will save you lagging a heavy bath of water.
  • Bath ramp: Handling a wriggling ,wet and slippery baby takes practice and confidence, but you and your baby will get used to that time and start to enjoy it.a warm bath calms down a fussy baby. The ramp is¬† really handy and helps you to bath your baby without any fear of slipping him under the water .
  • Bath seat: This product is really handy when your baby is able to sit.It will keep your tiny tot secure and makes your job rather easy at bath time.


  • Pram/Stroller: You need to road test your friend 's or any close associate's pram before purchasing your own. Actually this product is one of the most expensive one and you need this wherever you go. Prams are extremely useful¬† for trips to the malls,while traveling and even sometimes at home to soo the the crying baby.Despite the style you like, make sure that it is easy to open and close.You must opt for quality product.
  • Baby car seat/capsule:b02aee0308b6b58539cce887a621f651 Choose a rear facing car seat,if u have a car.Do ensure that the seat suits the specifications of your car.Choosing the correct car seat for your baby's age and weight¬† is crucial.You mist also make sure that it is properly installed.If a car seat doesn't fit your car perfectly, or is difficult to fasten in place, don't purchase it.
  • Sun shades for the car windows: Sun blinds for the car also useful in the summer.
  • Sling/pouch:682_large Many types of slings or pouches are available in the markets but you need to buy one that evenly distributes your baby's weight,is comfortable¬† and is the right size for you so that you don't hurt your back.
  • Travel cot: Little babies slumber peacefully in their prams for the first few months but if you are traveling a lot for any reason it would be helpful for you to keep one good quality travel cot that is sturdy and¬† simple to set up.
  • Nappy bags:A good nappy bag must have internal compartments, a wet area and of course a changing mat.It must have enough room and separate sections where you can easily keep nappies,clean clothes,a feeding bottle,baby wipes,tissue paper and medicine for your baby.


If the mommy is breast feeding:

  • Breast pads: If you are opting for disposable breast pads ,choose the ones that has sticky patch on the back to secure it to the inside of your maternity bra and stop movement of the pad.
  • Feeding pillow:pTRU1-17502843enh-z6 V-shaped feeding pillows are more comfortable to use but your bed pillow too will ease your work.

If you are bottle feeding:

  • Sterilizer: Microwave steam Sterilizers are great option for they are fast and easy to use.
  • Bottles:Well it would be wiser to use wide-necked bottles for those are easier to clean and at the same time easier to prepare the formula .You will need¬† between four and six bottles as well and a bottle brush to clean them sterilize the bottles¬† in boiling water or in a steam sterilizer .
  • Teats:230850439 You may have to go through an array of teats before finding a proper one for your baby-whatever you use , make sure you use an age -appropriate teat to ensure correct milk flow.
  • Formula: Consult a physician to help you prescribe an age appropriate formula for your baby.
  • Bodysuits:Bodysuits are too useful in colder months.These clothes stretch over the body and clip together between the legs and¬† are the easiest to put on and need to ensure that the fabric is 100%merino wool.
  • Singlets:Singlet-Amethyst-1 Keep yourself well-equipped with a pile of plain singlets as these will come in handy and are essentials too during hot days.
  • Sunhat: Select a washable¬† and a broader brimmed hat to shade your child from the sun.

           A soft cosy hat will be essential in winter. A cotton jersey pull on hat is also useful on cool summer.

  • Beanie:fec25365c80f465969634a71ec6e0c4c Select a cuff less beanie as these cuffs roll down unexpectedly and cover your baby's face and eyes .
  • Jackets,Jumpers,Cardigans: Choose outer wear that can comfortably have another layer or two underneath so that your baby can feel warm and cosy. Avoid clothing that include straps or ties around the neck as this pose safety threat like choking .
  • Socks and hats: Socks and hats are useful in all seasons because newborns cannot regulate their body temperature well,so it is best to cover their heads and feet.Even in summer ,these will protect them from drafts from the fan,cooler or air conditioner. You can purchase a pair of socks for every day of the week.Stick to a particular color so that if one gets lost you would be able to pair up¬† with the odd socks and that will save you to buy¬† more.
  • Drawers for storage: You can simply keep all your baby's clothes and stuff in a fine chest of drawers. For longer use buy one that is big enough to hold your child's future accessories.
  • Mobile: Portable mobiles are perfect for use and avoid using those that play music because eventually the same tune would be annoying.
  • Toys: Babies don't need a whole lot of toys , so buy toys that wont break easily. Be sure that they are enjoyable,instructive,nontoxic and not dangerous.
  • Baby Gym:Jolly-Jumper-With-Stand Baby gyms are still better at making your kid a good sport. Get your kid a nice fold-able gym and see him/her enjoy after you pop it up.
  • Bouncinette/Bouncer chair:B1042654919 Buy a bouncinette mild in size and avoid those which have legs stretched out, these will cause you to trip.
  • Paracetamol: Keep a few vials of liquid paracetamol which will prove handy during your baby's illness.
  • First aid kit: Accidents will happen no matter how careful you are so keep a topped up first aid kit at home for emergency use.Store the medicines in cool place
  • Thermometer: Babies sometimes rebel against digital thermometers so it might be a good idea to buy a ear thermometer as this will be much easier and quicker to use on your baby.
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