Food Trends 2017

1451511511740.pngWhen it comes to rewarding our taste buds, in current times, we are unpretentiously shifting our focus towards international food pallet that is not only high on taste but also eliminates the chances of adding inches to our waistlines. It'll be interesting to be accountant with what India's latest food trend has to offer in terms of avant garde cuisine.
  • ☆ This is the age of smart shoppers.
Top-5-Online-Food-Ordering-Apps-in-IndiaPeople are realizing that it is better to shop online rather than resignedly choose goods from the vegetable market at the risk of picking rotten raw foods. Due to time and cost constraints, this food trend has gradually crept in.
  • ☆ Sushi anyone?
japanese-sushi-rollsJapanese style cuisine has been highly accentuated since a last few decades. Since foodies crave visual appeal when it comes to food, chefs are making sure that they play around with traditional ingredients, adding European finesse for presentation. Few go as far as ensuring a fresh farm supply of organically grown vegetables like artichoke, edible flowers, zucchini, beet-root and radish along with fresh hoard of poultry and sea-foods.
  • ☆ Flowers as Meals.
d0babcb02d00eb08d6f939ba0f804073--edible-flowers-cake-flower-cakesModern swivel in food trend is also observing flowers replace Indian spices. To redefine Indian food by making it lighter on our appetite, instead of the usual 35 ingredient based biriyani, chefs are experimenting with coriander-spiced biriyanis and jasmine tea-infused rice to make our luncheon experience more engaging and healthy.
  • ☆ A touch of Asia and Middle East
dd02e1a6d7e67b81f4cde20e83da59be--white-chocolate-mousse-chocolate-mousse-recipeQuite similar to the tawa style method of preparing certain Indian delicacies, Teppanyaki cuisine is also on the rise of popularity along with Vietnamese and Lebanese cuisines. These are mainly low on grease and spice which is a healthier alternative anytime. The Indo-asian and Middle-eastern variations are creating a benchmark in food trend.
  • ☆ Helping Us Count Calories
  1.  de4179d41117b10dafe131685c5c28a6It's good news for anyone who's watching their weight. Conscious effort is being put into reducing sodium and recipes are being adjusted to accommodate more fruits and vegetables to make them more wholesome.
  2. Chefs are substituting less healthy ingredients like butter, bacon or oils with natural and earthy taste of teas.
  3. Salubrious cooking techniques like poaching and steaming are fostering ahead, replacing plain water with smoky liquids, teas, coffee, beer and wines for flavorful proteins and vegetables.
  • ☆Going Back to the Roots
9069fce7284ec8534235af9ef714f72aThe shift in our food trends has only redefined the Indian food culture, which refuses to lose its charm. It is almost alluring to follow Indian recipes- from grinding fresh spices to slow cooking techniques. As time makes way for modern day food specialties, authentic Indian cuisine is winning hearts and it'll be long before we bid adieu to the much loved traditional Indian fare!

 By Rooshna Memon


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  1. Shamim Abdul Rashid says:

    With yr magical words, U hv beautifully defined the Indian food n the new technology of food being served keeping in mind Food to b served lighter in appetite. This is what exactly what people r always looking forward to. 👍🏻 Keep the good work going.

    1. ALLARSH says:

      thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your feed back shamim 🙂 🙂

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