Take Your Kids on a Treasure Pursuit!

l_2a76be10-669b-11e1-8c4e-ff9900600004Monsoons are here and we want to refrain our children from spending more time outdoors lest they contract the flu or a viral infection. Of course, we'll need to equip them with things to do indoors and keep them hooked and entertained. But what's next once they are done being glued to the screens? For one, stacking up on a few board games won't hurt at all. Also, it's a great idea to surround them with age-appropriate books to read. To expend their energies, however, we bring to you an inspiring and educative game. Engage them in playing Treasure Hunt! This will not only teach them skills to explore and solve problems but also to understand instructions and a lot more. Let's check out some amusing ideas to carrying out this age-old merry game, shall we? 😊
  • 👉 Book Hunting
Hide books according to how old they are. For instance, 6 books for your 6-year-old. Now ask him to find them all. Once a book is found, ask him to declare- Discovered! Then sit with him and read this book together. Hide books with short stories to keep the speed of the game swift. Last Minute Easter Egg Hunt (3)
  • 👉 Number Hunting
Write numbers or alphabets on different books, small toys or on sheets of paper and hide them. Give your children each a shopping bag, paper bag or basket. Ask them to explore the numbers. Once they get them all, arrange in order and read them out aloud. You can also read out number rhymes, like 'One, two, buckle my shoe...'fine-motor-math-kinetic-sand-sensory-activity-for-kids
  • 👉 Color Hunt
Collect and keep stuff belonging to the same color in different baskets. Like pairs of blue socks, cluster of green hairpins, etc. Place those baskets into different rooms. Now, ask your children to search for those baskets. After they bring those to you, ask them to identify the colors. 44bbe69fe6ea3513282fc674af3229ab--games-for-toddlers-teaching-shapes-to-toddlers
  • 👉 Food Hunt
This hunt is the best for your picky eaters. Hide a handful of dry fruits, figs, dates and sliced fruits in plastic bags along with cheese cubes, cornflakes and rotis too. Let your child search and find all the things. You might just be amazed to know that they have popped in most of the items while hunting them 🙂 uvvrbjyt6oiq3hqmn0mw
  • 👉Home-Cleaning Hunt
With children around, your house is bound to get upside down. Name the game "Find Proper Place for Every Object". As they replace the toys, clothes and shoes at their original places, give points for everything hunted. This way, you are inculcating organizational skills in them too. 6-4
  • 👉 Coin Hunt
Hide coins and draw a map to find them all. Instead of coins, you can make use of candies, buttons or small stones. landscape-1457648927-picmonkey-collage
  • 👉 Word hunt
Write words of sounds, actions or emotions, appropriate to your child's age, in bold letters on pieces of cut-out cardboard. Then hide them. Ask them to pronounce as and when they find each word. 2012-03-15_54671
  • 👉 'Simon Says' Hunt
Remember the famous childhood game- 'Simon Says'? Be inspired and write instructions like 'Jump', 'Touch your toes', 'Scratch your nose', 'Run backward', 'Act like a  monkey'. Now, hide those slips. Ask them to find each slip and act upon the instructions written 🙂 simon-says-touch-your-tummy1 Enjoy seeking fun with your munchkins this monsoon!  

By Rooshna Memon

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