Things we can do on a holiday as a FAMILY WITHOUT TECHNOLOGY

Let's Bond Sans Technology!
Children constantly seek to learn, keep themselves engaged or find something to do. Why not help them experience the varieties of life without the technological wizardry? We all know too well how too much screen time can cause kids to gain weight, develop concentration issues and sleep poorly. Besides, it is really not for us to roll our eyes whenever we spot our children clamped to their iPads or find joy in the swipe of their fingers when we ourselves are hog-tied to our own phones, laptops, MacBooks, et al. Time spent as a family without technology can help strengthen relationships and also instill a sense of togetherness. Here, I'll dole out some ideas that I find helpful with my children to promote bonding as a family without going digital ☺
  • Craft
index I'm not much of a magazine reader. However I do have old Feminas and India Today gifted in bulk by a friend who worked for a newspaper agency. I've stored them and plan to spend some time cutting out scraps from them which could be used later for craft activities. I told kids about it and they are super excited. They're learning to handle scissors and this couldn't sound more fun to them.
  • Baking
images I find immense happiness in whipping up cake batters, greasing cookie trays and setting oven temperatures for baking delicious confectionery! And I think it is a great idea to let our children experience the same joy whenever they voice a demand for your lip-smacking muffins or decadent bread loaves.
  • Reading
index This couldn't be emphasized more. For my kids, reading before bed is a happy time. Kids love it when they hear you read aloud. Select interesting stories from the web and take a print-out to bind the papers into a story book. Or you could take them to the local library and help them choose books they find fascinating. Know that they will thank you later for giving them excellent memories through books and stories.
  • Praying together
images This is something I find immense peace in. The only way to teach how to pray is by praying yourself. As a leader of prayer with children, I realise that I am both a model and a participant. My kids emulate me and I am always happy to see them enjoy learning new things while meditating.
  • Nature Diary
images Although I need to incorporate this, I still think it's a great activity for older kids. You can take them on a nature trip and write down with them or draw about the plants, animals and weather that you all see and experience. I feel every child should be encouraged to get in touch with nature for its spiritual, psychological and physical development benefits. The basic idea is to create a sense of fun, wonder and pride in learning new things.
  • Planting seeds:
index This is a great way to learn the reward of patience and encourage long-term thinking. Make a plant grow from a little seed and watch it grow everyday. The easiest and quickest results come from sunflower seeds, moong beans and coriander seeds. You can also plant tomatoes so that when you finally come to eating the fruit, the kids will be thrilled to dish up something they grew!
  • Playing Board Games
images Nothing beats playing a good game of Monopoly, Chess or Scrabble at home with the entire family! Board games inculcate a slew of skills that help kids do better at school and boost the fun factor by bringing family members together. What better way to spend a stress-busting board game or two that will give your kids fond memories to cherish!
  • Play Dictionary
images I have been a fan of this game since I was in grade 8. It has amped my vocabulary and also proved helpful in deciphering difficult words. So much so that I once aimed on becoming a lexicographer! All this game requires is a pocket dictionary and you are good to start playing it anywhere.
  • 🌹 How to play: One person selects a word from the dictionary without telling others and gives out only its definition. The first one to guess the word based on its meaning, gets to select the word next and so on.
Nevertheless, after implying that interacting and bonding with our children is essential and fun, I'd also add that there’s nothing wrong with bowing out once in a while to handle your own affairs. The key is to balance out the time spent on screens and not rely too much on technology.
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  1. Sumaira says:

    Such wonderful ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. ALLARSH says:

      thank you so much sumaira,glad you liked it 🙂 🙂

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