Election theme kitty parties

These sorts of election theme kitty parties sound rather interesting  than silly,because to pass the time and to entertain people such creative ideas are welcomed with open arms.Here you go,next time you are not in dilemma🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • The invitation for election theme kitty party:

09f1a44ab346c190b8e3f629109d3ed1--night-parties-summer-partiesYou can make any tricolor,quadcolor or even pentacolor cards to invite the rowdy members.The pearls of wordings would be simple and formal.For example:Do not miss this awesome party.We are all going to have quality time loads of cheers,joy and a grand package of entertainment  buddies!!!

  • Decoration and dress codes: You can ask your guests to come in a decided dress code.you can make placards, banners for the supporting parties like "vote for the congress or republican", "long live mr.blaaaa", "join us to save the nation" and etc.... 1aa59628a0ed5423d8d6f32d27f39802--retirement-decorations-th-of-july-decorationsMake some flags of parties with funny names and emoji s.you can also use triangular streamers of vibrant colours for decoration.
  • Games for election theme kitty parties:


why not have a trailer before the grand election!!!Just arrange a mini election of your own .The categories would be hilarious,like "the heart of the party,"  "the best-dressed guest, "   "the most popular guest",  " the most intelligent guest",  "the most generous guest", or even "the most talkative or clumsy guest,"  and have your guest cast their veto on these categories. You will end up with loads of fun.

Game 2: Vote for the prettiest /smartest politician: You can tag  some of the best dressed guests on their arrival and request them for a catwalk.Simultaneously you will have to give a blank paper each to the guests sitting, and ask them to vote for the best  well dressed person.The person who gets the most votes is definitely the winner of the contest.

Game 3: This is a paper game.You can make the symbols of the political parties and ask the guests to write the names of the parties. For example,symbols of the names of political parties 1. Lotus 2. Boat 3. Cycle 4. Pineapple Well friends in this way you get a chance of testing their intelligence 😜😜😜😜

Game 4:

This is a quiz game.Sketch a few  symbols on a paper and put them in a bowl .The active guests would collect a chit from the bowl and sing a song relatively close to the symbol.The songs must represent at least close to the symbol.Arrange small prizes for the winners.🙆🙌

Hope these games would make your elections interesting and you could pass your time in a wink. 🙂

By Arshi Javed

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