Did you ever think that everything in the world is always forward?
Think again! Here comes an ideal party for turning your brain upside down!
Backward party is all about having Everything backwards. It is fun and presents a real challenge for your brain.
stres is desertdInvitation- Put the invitation card fully reversed. Letters written in the wrong order, example, DETIVNI ERA LLA UOY, print the writings on the outside and the picture inside. You can also use opposite words like small for big etc.
d00daaf712b64af483c2b53e2813a33a--th-birthday-birthday-cakesDishes- Start off with sweets and desserts and end on the starters. Put food if possible upside down. Make burgers out of two Patties and one sliced bun. Serve pastries and cupcakes upside down.
The cake you will make will be the same as a normal cake, just with the letters frosted on it upside down and reversed.
90ec235767277b4e7954e22184a46bb5--young-old-crazy-Games- First rule: Distribute the prizes among your guests before the games begin. Then as you proceed the losers will take away prizes of the winners and the winners would be given a consolation prize.
There is a huge range of funny reverse games:-
😀 Greet your invitees with a hearty "See you next time, goodbye"  and end the party with a rather bored "HOWDY, glad you came on time."
😁 Everyone has to say the opposite of what they actually mean!
😂 Fill a jar with sweets and ask the party how many sweets are in the jar. AFTER the game ends the person whose estimate was the furthest from the answer, award them the prize they rightfully deserve!
😎 Take pictures of the back of the popular guests in the party and arrange a "guess who" competition.
😄 Backward sports like BACKWARD ~race, sack race, limbo, pin the tail on the donkey, toss game and memory game. These are alot of fun.
😉 Say a phrase and the quickest one to say it reversed wins.
😊 Play pillow passing and the one with whom the pillow is when the music stops has to sing  song BACKWARDS.
😃 Set up a small obstacle course. The guests will have to cross it by seeing through a reverse binoculars.
Schedule the entertainment you plan to hire:
Bands are popular and favorite for any parties? Enlist your demands like, will u like to have a band to rock your party  ?,Are u having a DJ to entertain your guests?would you like to hire a magician to make your party more lively?Energetic grads would definitely like to dance to their favorite tunes played by the DJ or the band .you can also go with your planned theme too.
                                                By Arshi Javed

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