Best Ever Hacks to get Rid of Period Stains

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When you have a period, you will require to make use of something to soak up the blood you lose. It is universal for girls to utilize sanitary towels when periods first start. These are positioned in your underwear to suck up the blood. They come in different dimensions and styles. You may call for a pad which is larger or bulkier at night, or on the heavy days of your period. When it is light, a small panty liner may be enough. Another option available is Tampons, which you put in into your vagina to take up the blood. This can be more suitable. They need to be changed frequently.

p023b3bkBecause the last thing you want to do when you're crampy is scrub your panties.

Tips-to-avoid-leakage-during-periods-Hindi-655x353Occasionally you may like to combine - for instance using tampons for swimming but pads at other times. A substitute to towels and tampons is a menstrual cup. This is a reusable piece of equipment about two inches stretched which is made from supple medical-grade silicone. It is positioned in the vagina. The cup accumulates menstrual blood. It is folded and placed in into the vagina, then detached. It can be cleaned and reinserted up to every eight hours.

No matter, what you use, there is always a risk of tints and stains on the underwear or underpants and the clothes layered thereafter. This is not only embarrassing for the women, especially in under developed and developing countries in the Continent of Asia, where even today talking and discussing about periods is a taboo. It is a stigma for women to come up with such a disgraceful situation publically. On the other hand, the stains are also unhygienic and may become a breeding ground for several bacterias, thus a reason behind many infections. So getting rid of stains, fresh and wetย  or dried bolts is utmost important. Period stains can be a bloody nightmarish but your favorite pants or panties donโ€™t have to look like a crime scene forever. We shall in succeeding paras, put light on some very commonly used hacks to do away with the marks of blood.

  1. For Older, dried out or Super Stubborn Stains- Dab a washcloth immersed in hydrogen peroxide straightly on the blemish, then sponge down well with water. Then, simply toss it in the washing machine as you generally would. Even if it is not washed immediately like if you don't do laundry for a few days, the stain fades away. This is a paramount on whites or light-colored items for the reason that hydrogen peroxide can cause colors to become paler the way bleach does.
  2. Anti-stain spray -Spray on an anti-stain all-purpose laundry item or use a spot cleaner that expressly aims blood. You can come across some of them in drugstores. Subsequently you may put the piece in the wash as a general practice.
  3. Eliminating marks with Things around the House- When you're out of hydrogen peroxide or spot cleaner or you're away from home and have no access to soap, you can pound up a some aspirin tablets, mix them with water to make a adhesive and lay it on the stain. It'll carry out a good job of taking out the mark.
  4. A sachet of salt or few spoons of baking soda also work wonders.
  5. Run a sink or bucket chock-full of ICE COLD water and completely submerge the stain for at least ten minutes, if possible overnight.

By Harpreet Kaur Chadha

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