Graduation Kitty Party Theme

After years of hard working from elementary to high school and on to university, a graduate deserves a memorable party. Things like food, location, decorations and invitations do not require much idea and you can easily decide on your own. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help turn your party into a day to be remembered.
You won't  get the chance to throw a nice party for your hard-working graduate everyday. So buckle up to make sure you can make it a splendid occasion where family, friends and loved ones will unite to celebrate your graduate's feat. In order to make sure you don't  miss out any of the fun it is vital to plan your party before hand. Here are some tips you can find very useful for your party-purposes.
Pick your style and theme :
😎It's u who's gonna select the best party theme and plan accordingly. "A couple are highlighted here".
Hoping u find it helpful
🤓🤓🤓A formal dress up party:
You can ask your invites to Donn in formal attire and you create formal place setting with linen, elegant floral arrangements.
🎅👼👮A casual ,flip flop shoes only type of party:
 You can ask everyone to dress in their best casual attire.Here you can use paper materials ,plastic serving ware.These stuffs are not much expensive and easy to go. Allow your guests to hang around for longer hours.
Hosting an outdoor lunch or dinner is another striking idea. Let the theme be "Hitch your wagon to a star "to celebrate your graduating star.
Another most popular theme is Hawaiian Luau for graduation parties.Request all your invitees to Donn in funny tropical clothing.
Make it more picnicking party:
Y not forget  all rules of eating on the same banquet hall with well set tables and fancy linen napkins.Enjoy a grad's party that's less formal and more lively. Host your party outdoor or on your roof. Spread picnic sheets on the ground in place of tables.Set picnic baskets on every sheets loaded with foods and drinks and ask your guests to help themselves as much as they can.No hard and fast rule today.....just live to enjoy .
The choice is yours alone🤔🤔🤔🤔
And now comes the entertainment plan.....Well!!! Y not plan traditional picnic party games like potato sack and relay races.You can also organize pillow pass game,freeze dance ,pinata game,musical chairs.Though these are rather old and commonly played games but even today these games still have their own charms and people forget all their worries at least for  sometime.

After graduation it's always a great idea to have a huge party. Well, you may think that its a great idea to base your party themes on movies. There is always a huge variety of choices you can make. The guests and the hosts can wear their favourite costumes from movies like AVATAR, STAR WARS, HARRY POTTER, FROZEN, TITANIC,  THE MATRIX, TERMINATOR. In Bollywood there are also hundreds of awesome themes like KRISH, BAJRANGI BHAIJAN, MR.X, FAN. Decorate walls with posters and photographs of heroes characters and more importantly the VILLAIN's.Its a good idea to display movie equipment for example clapboards, film reels, cameras. You can enjoy a great movie on a big, white screen illuminated by a projector. You can put showpieces and mementos from movies, movie items, t-shirts, caps, and even flags. Hosts can serve food enjoyed mostly in front of the silver screen like popcorn, hot-dogs, burgers, french fries, candies, sodas etc.

Your memories give you experience and teach you lessons. In this party you can celebrate the sweet memories of the graduate at different parts of his/her life. Guests may enter the party with an old photograph, piece of writing, cloth, or a toy that is part of the graduate's memories.
 The invites may contain photos and short descriptions of momentos that were once part of the graduate's life.
MOMENTOS- For a party based on memories it is quite important for the decoration to be able to remind the graduate about the past moments that were spent well. Put old photos of the graduate over walls. Decorate tables and show cases with nostalgic toys and the graduate's old belongings. Avoid unnecessary things and make sure every object you bring to the party has a deep connection with the graduate's memories. You can also call guests to the stage to honor them with photos that include them.
Priceless moments- Moments of thanksgiving, X mas, family reunions, prize giving ceremonies and other festivals are moments to be remembered. Revive those moments with touching background music, cakes, gifts and funny photos. The graduate's best friends may compile the graduate's funny or embarrassing photos and reveal them one after another to keep the guests entertained. Photos of the first day at school, concert at high school, prom, picnics, sports day etc. will surely make the party vibrant.
The flow of life- Choose a guest or a host to deliver a speech or to sing a song that will evoke the sensation of the old golden days within the graduate. Give the graduate some time to express his/her feelings and to glance at the past. Photos taken of the house or of the neighborhood taken over the years are more likely to give a visual description of the changes that time left behind.
Dress code- One splendid idea could be to copy the graduate's  usual outfit and make it the dress code of the party. You may also want to copy famous fashion disasters of the graduate's life.
Making it remember able- Take photos of the crowd, make videos of dramatic songs that everybody will sing together. Pictures taken of games like pillow fight and competitions can be distributed to all the guests via social media. The invitees can leave a special message or gift for the graduate at the end of the party.
Hosting floating lanterns:
Sending off a floating lantern has something very majestic within itself.Flying off like a fairy in the night sky illuminating its path  with its weak lights......loading the lanterns with farewell wishes or signing your messages of love, affection for the grad or even u can ask your guests to summarize and write one of their secrets on the lanterns to make the event more cheerful n then send off the fabulous night lanterns to get lost in the vast night sky.The same sentiments can go with the balloons too 🙂
                                                             By Arshi Javed

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