comiccon hyderabad 2017

  I had the privilege to attend this year's comic con Hyderabad 2017 event. I must say it was way better than what i had anticipated it to be. The energy and youthfulness took the environment to a whole new level. IMG_20171014_125001 Unlike games expos (EGX, for example) what I love about Comic Con is there is no immediate rush to be anywhere.  There are of course celebrity panels and signings at set times, as well as frequent pop-up events, but generally on the whole it has a much more relaxed feel to it.IMG_20171014_125043 IMG_20171014_125323 One of the biggest reasons for my attendance was DJ ELLIOT.There was a whole new energy having him over there.And the second exciting thing was the campaign organized by the MOUNTAIN DEW team.There was a very exciting game to play and they were also offering free drinks as a part of campaign which was a cool fun. dc-Cover-hsq2bdc5qk2c2f6rm9gjd2no66-20171016003333.Medi IMG_20171015_165648 IMG_20171015_171214 There were too many exciting stalls related to games,comic etc.I bought so many soft toys along with some really interesting comic books and accessories as well. IMG_20171015_154455 IMG_20171015_154410 IMG_20171015_154438People were provided with very friendly staff helping them around the food stalls. IMG_20171014_161651 IMG_20171014_133455 IMG_20171014_132642 IMG_20171014_133005One the second day we also got a chance to watch the live show of VIVA Team 🙂 along with some other amazing gamers and Youtubers from HYDERABAD. IMG_20171014_132602 That being said, the games available on the day were certainly fun, very accessible with little to no queue times. That's a lot of Spider-People And lastly, how could I go to Comic Con and not even mention the cos players. Every time I visit an event like this I am blown away with the level of detail some people put into their costumes. And even the more regular cos players just look to have that much more fun by dressing up as their favorite character, and more often than not taking on the personal for the event. IMG_20171014_131112 IMG_20171014_131124An entire group of Overwatch characters were present, which was great to see a team cosplay. I would like to thank ComicCon India Team for allowing me to attend the event and if you have not yet been, then when the ComicCon returns Hyderabad in late October , I strongly advise you go, as it is a fantastic day out, with kids 10 and under even attending for free. And trust me, they will love it as much as you. 🙂   By ARSHIA SHAIK

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