Forest Essentials Nargis Bath Care Ritual Gifting Box Review

As you have already known that am totally obsessed by the gifting range of FOREST ESSENTIALS by my continuous post updates.And today am back with another option which is Forest Essentials NARGIS Perfumed Bath Ritual Gift Box.

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This is my third pick(the fourth that i picked is a mens range for my husband 🙂 ) from their gifting range and am really happy with this as well.I must say this my most favorite packaging among all the other gifting options.Its so classy and Rich.The color combination is truly amazing and attractive.LOVE IT 🙂

This retails for Rs.4550/-

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This box contains:

Cleansing Shower Butter:

A cleansing Shower Butter to deeply nourish and cleanse your skin, leaving it drenched with moisture and lightly scented with the delicate fragrance of the Nargis flower. This superfatted Shower Butter is a rich and creamy bath product containing over 40% of nourishing butters including Kokum and Shea butters. This also contains cold pressed oils infused with herb and flower extracts that cleanse, nourish and stimulate circulation. This soft butter melts at body temperature into a creamy lather when it comes in contact with water.

The texture of this butter is so luxurious and the scent of this butter is to die for,really fresh and super relaxing.


Body Mist:

This cooling, refreshing and hydrating Body Mist is infused with the delicate fragrance of the Nargis flower. This flower is from the Narcissus family and blooms for a few months in high altitudes in India. It has a beautiful soft floral scent. This lightly fragrant Nargis Body Mist refreshes, rehydrates and leaves the skin scented for hours.

This Nargis Boy Mist gives long lasting aroma with seductive, floral and balancing effect on the senses while hydrating the skin.

I think i should not forget mentioning that all the FOREST ESSENTIALS products are cruelty free,paraben free and made with all traditional ayurvedic ingredients.The packaging is very travel friendly and am obsessed with the way it smells and you now what ,this stays for a very long time leaving your skin fresh and cool.

Luxury Sugar Soap:

The brand claims,All our soaps are made by hand using the old-fashioned cold process. Our clear sugar soaps are made with pure Cane Sugar along with pure Cold-Pressed Oils, Herbal Infusions, Organic fruit and vegetables and natural spring water, and the by-products like glycerine are retained, unlike commercially made soaps. The pure oil of this aromatic wood is renowned for its soothing and therapeutic qualities. When mixed with natural wild Turmeric, with its antiseptic and skin brightening properties, it creates a blend which purifies and refines the skin, giving it a sensual sheen.

My take:

The product is little less in quantity for that price as it just last for 15-20 days if used twice daily.The sandalwood smell is so divine that i truly enjoy using it.My skin feels brighten and soft  Untitled

Ultra Rich Body Lotion:

This is my favorite product from this gifting box.This lotion is super rich and keeps our skin moisturized through out the day with just one application with very less amount of product.So you can definitely use this in both summers and winters as its not greasy in any way.Of course the fragrance is amazing same as the other products from this range.

The packaging is just perfect and very travel friendly as well.There's no need of a deo or a perfume as long as you wear this 😉 as the smell stays for a very long time.

As a whole i can say ,the key points of this range is the product longevity is amazing and the fragrance is just heavenly. .BANG ON LUXURIOUS 🙂

This is somewhat on expensive side,but if you really want to try out something unique and thoroughly luxurious bath ritual then you should definitely try this.Its actually a very good investment though.

Hope you enjoy reading this.Thanks for joining me :). Please leave your feedback in the comments below.I love reading to your comments and applying to your feedback.

  • Lots of Love

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