Kids Birthday Party Themes

Colourful balloons are one of the fondest things among children. Balloons make a party more magnifying and complete.They go so easy and funny with kids of all ages.

Here are few rather interesting games are highlighted to make your party more smashing.....come on gather the ideas and have a real party time dudes!!!!
Warning:please keep the pieces of popped balloons away from children of all ages.
Balloon games:
😅popping balloons
Fill the center of your room with fifty to sixty balloons. Call the contestants one by one and ask them each to sit on the balloons and pop them.The child who pops more is the winner.Please collect the litter of popped balloons immediately and discard them in a dustbin.
😄Puff puff puffy
Well!!!! this is a game of sequence or kids can go at the same time.The choice is yours.First you need to mark out a starting and ending point then handover a balloon to a kid.Explain the child that he has to puff up a balloon ,then let it go in the direction of the ending point. He must rush and pick up the deflated balloon wherever it lands , puff it  again and let it go to the same decided point.whoever reaches the finish line in minimum time or get across the marked line first is the winner😆😆😆😆ohhh wowww!!!
😀Catching in a funnel
Distribute a  funnel and  an inflated balloon to each child.Tell the children to catch the balloon with the funnel .To make the game little more difficult you can ask the kids to hold the funnel in between their teeth and catch the balloon.The one who catches first is the winner.
😎ho!ho!!!!what 's within!!!!!
Make two teams. Give each team an over sized T -shirt and a packet of balloons.Ask the teams to choose one of the strongest among them to be their" superman".Well,this superman has to put on that oversize t- shirt and the moment the game begins the other members of the teams would puff the balloons n stuff those in the superman's clothing.Within a limited time ,perhaps of a minute the team with more balloons in the super'clothing is the winner...isn't this a bombastic idea guys!!!😁😁😁😁
🤗Flying colors
Hmmm!!!Another exciting one!!!
Take colorful balloons and tie long chords to each.You can write the names of each child on the balloons to make the event more pleasing.Here the child has to run around keeping the balloon off the ground all the time. The child whose balloon which touches the ground is disqualified .The one who keeps the balloon off the ground for long is the winner. To make the game little more difficult you can shorten or lengthen the chord.
🙄Secret messages
This game is much alike a "Do n Dare " game.Fill each  balloon with a secret message . Make the messages simple and mimicking his favorite celebrity or doing somersaults or anything that would put the whole show laughing till their sides ached.Have the children sit in a circle .Call each child and make him sit on an inflated balloon to pop it or he can pop the balloon with a pin.Then he must perform according to the message.The one who performs the best is the winner.
                                                                          By Arshi Javed

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