Best of Lakme till 2017 (Most Affordable)

Hey beautiful people, how are you doing...I feel really happy writing for you 🤗..I don't know it some way gives me pleasure to stay connected with you guys 😊....

So today I just want to share some of the BEST and Most affordable products by LAKME till 2017..The reason why I chose Lakme is because LAKME was the first ever brand I used to beautify myself..I used to be a Tom Boy kinda personality who always stay away from beauty and makeup things, always a play station lover,who hates watching typical romantic Bollywood movies,who always dreamed of being a INTERIOR DESIGNER.But somehow things totally changed and I started loving beauty and makeup products like crazy from the day I got engaged coz that was the day when I first picked up a Lakme satin finish LIPSTICK..omg  am still obsessed with it as i do with all the other Lakme products I have 💄💄💄...

I believe Lakme is the most customer friendly brand producing affordable yet trendy stuff..So come join me to have a look at the beautiful and (most affordable) affordable creations by Lakme 😊💞

  • Lakme Rose powder:

DSC_1197Omg,what i have to say about this.I always saw my aunt's loving this like crazy when I was a kid.I somehow got my hands on it.Trust me guyz,it smells totally like a fresh rose 🌹🌹..It provides a very fresh look to your skin as well 💁💁..I think its the most cheapest way to look fresh and glowing 🙂

  • Lakme invisible finish foundation:


This thing can beat any other drugstore foundation.It gives sheer coverage with perfect blend and without any patchy and uneven finish.The best thing is it also provides SPF 8 for very less cost.The shades of this foundation are specially created for Indian skin tone.It has 6 shades in total.And am pretty sure every Indian girl would have used this during her early makeup days 🙂

It retails for Rs.250 for 25ml of product

  • Lakme 9 to 5 Complexion care cream:

IMG_20170616_161133There was a time when cosmetic world was flooded with BB and CC creams,then did Lakme launched this beautiful Complexion care cream which has SPF 30 in it.It truly is a instant skin stylist as they claim. It retails for Rs.250 for 30gms of product.It very creamy in texture blends very well onto the skin without leaving cakey finish.It does gives medium coverage with fruity fragrance which i really like. 🙂

  • Lakme Eyeconic Eyeliner:

DSC_1179These eyeliners are the most favorite products of mine among all the Lakme collection .Lets just start with all the pros of this eyeliner,it is super pigmented for its cost as i have seen alot of disgusting color "BRANDED" eyeliners in market for very high price.Among all the other shades i love the green color.It gives a very smooth and silky finish and it stays for good 4 hrs 🙂

  • Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara:

DSC_1170This mascara is yet another beautiful creation by Lakme 🙂 .This gives curly black  and beautiful lashes giving them volumed look.Its totally smudge proof and long lasting.This curling mascara has a special D – Panthenol moisturizer that makes your lashes smooth and leaves them nourished all day long.This is very good product for those who doesn't want to use those heavy eyelashes on their pretty eyes :).The final and best thing about this is it is super easy to wear and remove as well with very affordable price. Lill backdrop about this is it is not water proof and it does creates some clumps on your lashes.Hey it gives very intense black finish.

I will recommend this product to those who are looking for regular wear mascara in an affordable price range. The mascara lengthens and curls the lashes and keeps them in place for a long time. Those of you who like waterproof mascaras may not find this useful as the mascara starts to bleed the moment your eyes come in contact with water.

  • Lakme 9 to 5 Primer with MATTE Lipstick:

IMG_20170616_160858Lakme 9 to 5 lipsticks have been one of the most talked about lip colors in the beauty world since they were launched specially because of their rose gold packaging.Am a very big fan of rose gold color no matter what the thing is so i should get it.I just got one red color from this as i don't believe in collecting the whole shades from the same range as i love trying out different things ;).

These lipsticks are very creamy in texture providing moisture to your lips with very pigmented nature enriched with vitamin E and wheat germ oil.Very suitable for office wear and some of the shades are for regular use as well.A very true luxury and travel friendly packaging.

  • Lakme 9 to 5 eye Color Quartet:

IMG_20170616_161412This time,we will talk about Lakme's eye shadow pallets with beautiful packaging. And i have Tanjore Rush consist of golden yellow shade, bronze, forest green with golden shimmer and purple.

They are super pigmented considering the price and trust me on this.It is more comfortable and effective when applied with fingers or other professional applicators as the applicator given by them is not of use but yes you can use it to makeup the inner corners.These eye shadows are pretty longlasting 🙂

  • Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact

IMG_20170616_161159This again is a very affordable way of getting your skin glow.since I started using this compact, I find it value for money.It Contains SPF 23 with UVA/UVB protection flawlessly blends in to your skin making it look visibly fairer and translucently radiant.It does contains goodness of multi-minerals along with skin brightening pearls which adds a pearly glow to your face :).Its oil free,very light weight which makes it super suitable for regular use.

  • Lakme Enrich Matte lipstick:DSC_1165
This is the best ever range of matte lipsticks that we can get for under Rs.300/-.In fact it does not dry out the lips like other lipsticks does.Its not transfer proof,but its really very long lasting 🙂
  • Lakme Enrich satin lipstick:DSC_1211
The creamy texture of this range keeps our lips moisturized by giving them shiny look.This collection has some unique range of shades .You must try this 🙂
  • Lakme 9 to 5 flawless matte complexion foundation:
DSC_1188This is my second favorite product among the Lakme collection.This is super long lasting foundation.It stays for a very long time and gives a very perfect matte finish.The packaging is very sturdy as it has a pump to get the product out which is very comfortable to use without too much wastage of product.It blends really well into your skin and gives pretty good coverage.We can get full coverage by building up the layers.  By Arshia Shaik  

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