Indoor Birthday Party Themes for kids

Interesting party themes even swing the moods of the adults. Follow these ideas and  divert your minds for all hazels you face all the year round. There's no wrong to be a little one yourself so be an amazing sport and a little child with your own one.....
Sea of Fun!
All girls love mermaids, so why not turn your tea party into a Mermaid Tea Party? Spread blue balloons all over the floor. Hang some paper sea gulls from the ceiling. Decorate your tea table with sand castles, sea shells and a sand textured table cloth. Arrange food items like shell shaped macaroni and cheese, fish shaped cupcakes and a mermaid cake.Enjoy the intense delight.
Going green with the TurtlesPI000647_rec
If your teen is a fan of teenage mutant ninja turtles, this may be the perfect theme to make his birthday memorable. These heroic ninjas lived in the sewers so decorate your living room to make it look like a gloomy tunnel. Arrange four(or more) masks like the ones the turtles wear and distribute them to your guests. Hand over paper or cardboard versions of weapons used by the turtles in the cartoon to your guests. Play a game like "pizza box racing" or "can you guess the name". The loser has to dress as the evil villain" shredder." It is a good idea for you to dress as the master(the rat). That way you can command your children too!! Arrange for a ninja turtle cake or just a green colored cake.
Frosty funa8a9a33ee7b5b8e0b7144af123bd54c1--ice-cream-balloons-cute-desserts
Cool your mind and light up your kid's birthday party with a chilling ice-cream party. Decorate your living room with lots of pictures of delicious ice-creams. Stack up tons of various flavored ice creams in your refrigerator and decorate it to make it look like an ice-cream truck. Distribute ice cone colored party hats to your guests. Let the kids devour as much ice cream as they want. Arrange a big cake of your favorite flavor.
Woodland voodoo6f22dc1eb6fe71b538385980d2404060
Turn your indoor into an amazing outdoor experience with this idea. Decorate your living room into a woodland using paper rolls and cardboard. Make masks and arrange outfits of different forest animals for kids. Play games of "Guess The Name Of The Animal" make different animal noises, tell the children a funny story about animals and at the end bring out the special woodland cake.
Neon Partyneon-glow-theme-kids-teen-birthday-party-frostedeventscom-ideas-0022
Some simple birthday party ideas can turn out to be the best themes for your birthday party, such as a glow in the dark party. To start you can transform your living room into a into an awesome night club by adding strobe lamps, glow sticks and a nice music playlist. This theme is suitable for all ages because everybody loves to put on glow in the dark face paint. Ensure that there is plenty of space for dancing. A colorful cake will do miracles as well.
Construct your own mini-spa in your living room. Set up a tent and fill it up with all sorts of makeup and facial accessories. Girls who will enter the tent will get to put on make-up. Keep cupcakes, chocolates and ginger breads as snacks. Dont forget to organize a photo-shoot at the end. A vanilla or strawberry cake is sure to light your party up.
Welcome to Aloha Academy!Hawaiian-Themed-Beach-Birthday-Party-Decoration-Idea-for-Girls
Hawaii is a perfect spot for fetching a break from your daily life. So why not bring Hawaii to your living room? Tune up your air-conditioner and prepare a bunch of grass skirts. Distribute them to your guests and allow them to enjoy the classic aloha feeling. You can serve juice in pots colored like coconuts. A chocolate cake would add to the perfection of your party. Don't forget to turn down the lights and perform the aloha dance with your guests.
Homemade Carnivalcircusparty
Carnivals were the best entertainment back in the 80's. Bring a similar joyful experience to your kids at their birthday parties. Play lots of fun DIY games like "Ring around the prize","Bottle knock down" and "darts". In a corner of your living room make a tattoo parlor where your guests and kids will get their favorite tattoos. Throw in lots of popcorn and cotton candy. You can also arrange a lottery.
By Arshi Javed
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