Five Home Remedies i swear by for my baby’s good health

Like all Mums, I always have a stock of medicines for kids well in advance but there are some household remedies which I always have in my kitchen and can swear by it anyday.

image-20161115-31123-1kzoqq4So here goes my list:

  1. Honey:

Specifically the pure one! Which I have stocked up when I saw a bee hive been taken down near our place. Yes! The fresh one is a Life Savor.

Give one spoonful everyday to kids to boost their immunity or when kids have cough, especially to kids suffering from Asthma. This honey can work wonders during this season.

  1. Giloy:

This is one thing I am Thankful Baba Ramdev re-introduced in our lives, Boil the giloy stems and give it to kids during bad cough or when they have fever. You can also give them in general in winters and chances of catching cold reduces.

Kabbir was quite prone to runny nose in winters this season I gave giloy water in his school bottle and TOUCHWOOD! We have been keeping well.

  1. Kalaunji/ Nigella Seeds:

This is helpful mainly for infants and toddlers where we avoid using Vapour Rubs. Either fill the pillow with the seeds which will help give round shape to infant heads- age old Nuskha and will also help them breath when they have blocked nose as they don’t know how to blow their nose.

For older kids put some Kalaunji in their handkerchief , rub it in your hand and ask them to sniff it will clear their blocked nose.

  1. Garlic:

We know Garlic is helpful to combat heart disease, fight cancer, control blood pressure, treating cold & infections, reversing hair-loss , improves dementia and treats diabetes. So why not introduce such a useful & nutritious aromatic herb from an early age in their food.

Add Garlic to soups, sabji’s or if they can mix it in honey and ask them to take raw (this works as magic to increase immunity).

  1. Hing and Fennel:

Almost all children suffer from stomach ache one time or the other that can be due to constipation, indigestion, gas, acid reflux, stomach flu and colic.

Either put hing mixed with few drops of water on their belly button


Add 1 teaspoon of crushed fennel seeds to 1 cup water boil it for 10 min’s, strain and add little honey give your child twice daily and ask them to drink slowly.

This will definitely relive them from stomach aches.

These few house hold remedies we can try on regular basis ‘coz these issues are quite common among kids. I am not saying they are better than medicines but they do help in hour of need, we moms often worry about increasing immunity of our kids what better than using Age old nani-maa’s tried and tested nuskhas that are natural and safe.

But yes, during emergencies do consult a doctor. 🙂

By Nandita Sharma

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