Graceful Hijabi summer style tips-2018

Debouch With Poise This Summer

The nip of spring is in the air and soon it'll be a no-tights weather! You may want to pull away from those cramming hot pants and enrobe in breezy frocks and blossom-printed dresses.

Let's have a look at how we could stylize in the upcoming spring-summer season.
 In-vogue Hues-» Soft lavender and sunshine yellow are the new black. The subtle but classy colors have been spotted everywhere this season, from models sashaying on ramp walks to a stunning display at high street fashion, they've made their way up from lip colors to clothes, bags, jewelry and shoes. Pair the colors with white to give it an i-am-ready-to-step-into-the-sun look and watch everyone be dazzled! ac9d68153010d4da77e714fcb58368c4--muslim-fashion-hijab-fashion cute-hijab-in-pink-667x350 -» Let also a rainbow of mushy spring-time shades do minate your wardrobe. Pick an alluring pastel color and wear it with the silhouette that flatters you. For instance, pick a lilac shirt dress or a pair of minty green board shorts. Get as pastel-happy as you desire. Trend-setting Scarves It would do you oodles of good to leave behind the view that scarves are meant only for colder seasons. Scarves are one of the best summer accessories and you can wrap them on you in many fabulous ways. Come, let's find out. faf3e5a9608ba12d75e147daffda0baa   b82745510cf9e36ff92fd88da7dfc7a8 9191b488f11c3f3f095e9b5ff04912a6-» Correspond the colors and patterns of your ensemble and accordingly choose scarves to casually tie around your neck. Get ready to look chic and spontaneous. 42d574413ec07a8e441886cb01cea355-» There are times in the night when the breeze might turn a bit chilly. Cloak that scarf around your shoulders and warm yourself up with a cup of hot chocolate! 69344c2ba25620263777be000a363007-» For a perfect beach look, wrap an oceanic-hue scarf around your waist and shroud your limbs to get a sarong style coverage. e18e12ba18885f51a40a23951ffafaa0-» Want to acquire a flirtatious feminine touch? Try tying a stole around your waist on a t-shirt and pants combo or you can even separate a long dark-hued dress with an orange stole. 87ca59665de69e7ab8d0134d61b24d97-» Pep up with a bandana and cover your head with printed scarves. Play with different themes for a bow-style or a hippie-style look. • Set Those Faddish Shades Right! Your sunglasses can be your best friend when you step out into the blazing heat. Just like you would choose for your wardrobe, pick the right kind of goggles to enhance your exclusive style. - Be influenced by the cyberspace and wear instagram inspired sunglasses that offer a preference between a sepia-like filter vision or a rose-tinted one. 4d2f2e322bddf8346b18c20ae54a9171-» Find frames that have floral prints designed on them. Tones like earthy greens and vibrant pinks are so à la mode. -» For an aquatic feel (yes, you read that right!), choose from glasses that are created to give you a 'floating-lens-effect'. This effect is acquired, using partially clear frames. -» Ever heard of two-toned frames? Yes, you read that right! Sport one color on the right half of the frame and a different color on the left half. For a subtler look, pick ones that have a two-toned rim. sss-» For a sophisticated industrial look, go in for frames with angular cuts and neutral colors. A combo of black and white looks exemplary. *Frameless lenses are also in vogue this season. The bohemian touch will do wonders to enhance your persona. f-» A super fashionable way to go about donning sunglasses would be to opt for a multicolored thick frame that is only rimmed on the top fringe of your lens. The lower part would be frameless. Get uptown with these modish accessories and stay abreast with the summer fashion furor.
Live chic et choc! ❤
 By Rooshna Memon

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