Ideas To Throw Kid’s Birthday Parties Cost-Effectively

Bring back the simple but classic children's birthday parties in vogue again! Why shell out large bucks to spread joy and smiles on your little ones lips when they're just as happy with low-key get-togethers? Remind yourselves that kids cherish happy memories and your presence as parents, not how much money you spend on booking ridiculously expensive art studios or play gyms for their birthday party venues.
Firstly, draw a budget that won't burn a hole in your pockets and have a lasting impression on your child's memory and not on your bank account! Once you realize how much you can financially brave it out for the party, it's time to get creative with the ideas and have some fun while doing so.
Following are the ideas we came up for you to organize a birthday party for your child on a realistic budget. Let the repercussions of spending money on a party serve the purpose of your family enjoying together instead of worrying about over-expenditure.
1. Save on Food:
Decide on a menu that would include a potpourri of take-outs and homemade munchies for the party. Sandwiches, Vada Paav, Burgers and Rolls can easily be prepped at home in batches. While you can bring in chips, drinks and mini bars of chocolates from the grocery. A bit of internet tutorial can bake you a perfect birthday cake at home while saving you a couple of hundreds more.
2. Treasure Hunt:
This game could be a great hit with kids of all ages while also being a cool idea for return gifts.
You can hide lots of mini treasures like cards, stationary, books, coupons, board games, t-shirts, masks, piggy banks, etc. sticking notes on them that'd serve as clues for the next item to be searched. The main treasure would be won by the winner who finds it. But all the kids would have won something along the course of the game.
3. Chocolate Making:
One of the fun birthday party games which include treating everybody is having a good time moulding chocolates into desired shapes by freezing them in moulds or on sticks. Buy edible confetti and sprinkles, lollipop sticks and crafty moulds for the kids to turn into miniature Willy Wonkas for the day! Chocolates freeze fast in a freezer and you can save the cleaning-up hassle by spreading a wax paper to work on which can be easily crumpled and thrown away later.
4. Talent Shows:
You can announce in the invites about being prepared for showcasing talents as one of the party games. Let the guests buy a modest prize for the winner while a couple of adult guests can judge the show, and let the kids entertain themselves and each other by showing off their respective talents.
5. Calling in a Favor :
This is a long shot but if you happen to have a family member or close friend who is pursuing to become a magician or an entertainer as a career, you can call in a favor. I know I have friends I can call upon to play some guitar and sing songs while the kids enjoy a live band 😊
6. Movie Time:
If you have a large-screen TV and some very tired kids, you could wrap up the party by gathering up those little party people and put on a popular new kiddie release. Throw in some large bowls of homemade popcorn and the birthday party would end on a relaxed and happy note.
Hope these tips help when the next time you decide to throw a party for your kids but without blowing out on your budget 😊
By Rooshna Memon

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