10 Best summer birthday party game ideas for kids

Every person is special in a unique way. That includes your child, you, your neighbor....everybody. Children love being special. So why not make your kid feel special on his birthday with these spectacular birthday party ideas?
 exclusive-kid-party-games-outdoor-ideas-best-25-summer-on-pinterestThis time we have focused more sports outdoor summer games.
Hopefully these ideas and themes will help you explore your child's world in a more colorful way.
For all the sporty kids out there this is one of the best backyard birthday games they would want to play. Fill up loads of water balloons and evenly distribute to two teams of children. The rules? Dodge,Throw and Hit. This will definitely make sure your birthday champ and other guests  are having a great time.
Everybody loves taking crazy photos of themselves. Why not use it on a birthday party. Design hilarious face cutouts on colorful paper or your kids can draw their favorite cartoon characters. Take pictures of the youngsters and record those memories.
  • Arrrrrrrrr! Like a pirate
Set sail towards the Island of Enjoyment with your juvenile crew on a backyard boat in an amazing adventure. Give each kid a task to carry out on the ship. After you reach the island reveal a map to your crew and allow them to find the hidden candy treasure you hid in your house. Treasure hunts and scavenger hunts are sure to keep your party lively.
  • The blind hunter
Choose a child to act as the hunter. Tie a blindfold around the hunter's little eyes, No peeking! Then the hunter is rotated in the middle of the room or yard. All the other kids will cluster around the hunter and try to escape his grasp. If the hunter catches a kid, the kid will have to be the hunter. Its time to smell out your prey!
  • Marble miners!
446A1458-EditThe party child has to hide a marble in any corner of his garden or backyard or in the space where the party has been organised  While he is doing this keep all the other kids out of view . After the marble is hidden the kids may come and try to find the marble. Set up rules that the finders must not cross the borderline,in a way they wouldn't go far while the search is on and would be safe .  The child who  finds the marble first will get to hide the marble next .Do keep little rewards 🎁🎁🎁🎁for the winners to keep their spirits alive.
  •  No hand-touchfb3891255ec5d08621b50b033dec7904
This game is a party warmer. Each child will have to kneel down and grab their donuts put in front of them with their lips. No hands are allowed. Watch your kids laugh their hats off with this fun party game.
  • Shadow maniaimg_20160423_110211894
A child is randomly chosen as "The chosen one". He will sit in front of a big white bed sheet hung vertically as a screen. A strong lamp is placed behind the screen. Kids will walk or dance one after another between the lamp and the sheet. "The chosen one" on the other side of the screen will have to identify the child behind the screen just by looking at his/her shadow. The child correctly identified will then become "The chosen one".
The one who can identify his friends more will be the ultimate winner.🥇🥇🥇
  • Musical chairs!
 music chair
The legendary party game! This game is a blockbuster hit when it comes to entertaining children. Arrange chairs in a centre and allow the kids to stride around the pile of chairs as long as a music plays. The number of chairs must be one less than the number of players. Nobody is allowed to sit on those chairs as long as the music is playing. As soon as the music halts all players are allowed to sit on chairs in the pile. The player left standing is eliminated. Proceed with the game as far as 2 players🥉🥉🥉.
  • Stick the tail on the DONKEY:Pin-Tail-Donkey
This another game that has earned its fame. A poster of a donkey without a tail is set on a wall. A person is blindfolded and rotated on a spot far from the poster. Then a fake tail with tape on the end is given to the player. The player must now stick the tape on the donkey. The other guests may guide him/her by simply giving verbal directions like," johnny ,move to your left or right". "go a little up"." oh no!!!! move a little to your left."
You can add a little twist to this game .Instead of donkey you can draw a picture of a big cup cake on a chart paper. Color it bright.Kids blindfolded will have to paste candles cut out of cardboard or even papers around the cupcake.The one whose candle pasted closely to the cupcake is off course the winner of the amazing game.Try it out even you r gonna have fits  of laughter.....thats for sure🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃
  • Cool Pinatas🎊🎈🎊🎉03ed10c1194a6c77964bd2ac1d3c0c53
Hang water balloons on a tree or line across your yard. Let the kids try to bust those water balloons with plastic bats. Ensure that your balloons are neither too high nor too low, and that they contain plenty of water. The kids should take turns to hit the balloons,swinging the bat once swing per turn and make sure no one gets hurt. Feel the essence of pleasure when u see ur champs burst into peals of laughter 🏏🏏🏏🏏.
  • Angry birds gameDIY-Angry-Birds-Game-6
Oh ! Believe me this amazing  game will en live your party.To make the game more easy you just arrange a handful of cartoons or cardboard boxes of different sizes and build a castle out of it .Place a few green pigs made out of balloons hiding in between .Now the little champs turn has come to hurl balls at the hidden piggies.You will be amazed to see how long this game will continue.Build the tower knock it down and build again and again knock it down.Little darlings will love to repeat these activities again and again.

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