Lavish Bath Essentials

Kitu Pahooja,a entrepreneur from Delhi,started LAVISH-Bath Essentials a year ago.

DSC_1925 As we can see,there's a huge growth in the market of Handmade and Natural Products,Lavish Stands out in this industry of Hand Made Bath Essentials,due to many aspects.To start with,the PACKAGING :). 30830690_1636047313182197_3624131887271772160_n As said,"First Impression is the best Impression",i was totally impressed with the way it was packed,fully with love and Care.And i must say,even a lot of  high end Brands fail to provide such beautiful and Adorable Packaging. DSC_1957 All of their Products are 100% Natural,Paraben and SLS free. There are more than 25 range of variants in each category like they have whipped soaps,which sounds really unique and luxurios. 30603727_1442920279146067_166771591533821952_n And then the solid perfumes by Lavish have the similar impact as the vogue edition of Forest Essentials had on me :). DSC_1960 And not to forget those Lip Care and Skin Care Products,specially the Body Butters,Sun Screens,Moisturizers ,Hair Care Products and many more..YOU JUST NAME IT and THEY HAVE IT 🙂 31391085_174178470072499_92913474190966784_n You will get customized products for any kind of occasion on this heavenly earth :). 25018768_373030426473324_5720279595068948480_n(1) The most loved products by Lavish are the Handmade Organic Baby Soaps. They SPECIALLY USE ORGANIC PRODUCTS for Baby Products which are totally safe for your lill ones.23967400_2132915080269071_6417590981801017344_n Alot of amazing products coming on their way,LAVISH has recently launched their Mother's Day Gift Boxes 31255910_162205427806608_6124027862585442304_n and Handmade Donut Soaps. 30856052_371035056744250_2395272736646627328_n(1)

ALLARSH wishes LAVISH a very good luck for its BRIGHT FUTURE 🙂

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  1. Fathima sajidha says:

    Really lovedit dear tis kinda things I was searching for even I tried in home but can’t try everything right in perfect way na really unique nd best one again I express my gratitude for showing tis kind of best products ❤👍

    1. ALLARSH says:

      Really glad you liked it dear….thanks for the reviews

  2. Good products. Especially the designs, their soap designs are awesome. Wish you more success Kitu Pahooja.

    1. ALLARSH says:

      Really Glad you liked it 🙂

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