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DSC_2182Nina Doshi,One of my Favorite food Bakers from India.I actually reside in Hyderabad but why am i saying NINA DOSHI as my favorite who is actually from Mumbai is just because of her FOOD,dedication towards her work.


I Recently tried her pickles and i have no words to describe their amazing taste and quality.

DSC_2193They are perfect in all the ways possible.Being south Indian,i love spicy food,but pickles,made by NINA DOSHI,(who tends to be a GUJARATI FOOD EXPERT) have completely satisfied my Taste Buds :).

17125923_1118571974936400_162620810584915968_n Infact, am very excited to try all the food made by her as she also makes her WORLD WIDE customers happy with bakes,desserts,basic spice powders etc...

Methiyo Masalo

Don't you think she has everything what a cook needs???


Here's how she describes herself:

We are a small boutique catering outfit based in Mumbai. Gujarati by birth, am very passionate about Jhalawadi and Kathiyawadi food, indigenous to Gujarat. Additionally, brought up in Kolkata, am also a ardent fan of Bengali and Bihar street food. "Nina's - All Things Food" was born out of all these passions together.


Our goal is simple, cook with love ~ we're particularly excited about cooking food that takes us back to our childhood. Oh and we love fuss-free, fresh, organic ingredients!
I should not just Wrap this up without mentioning about the amazing and luxurious Packaging,which even so many high end brands fail to provide.I can definitely slay this kind of packaging for all my family wedding and birthday Parties.
You can easily order their food or get in touch with them through the link below:

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