Suhoor Express in Hyderabad

Its actually a very proud fact to have a service like SUHOOR EXPRESS in Hyderabad which delivers hot home cooked food at the Time of Sehri(meal before sunrise) at very reasonable price.

2This service was started in Ramadan 2017 by SHABAZ KHAN,which actually aims to help the bachelors who are away from their families and miss home made food and to the old people who have difficulties preparing food and ALSO helping the women in the house by sending the perfect home made sehri just like she would cook it. (as their caption itself says all (WE DO IT LIKE YOU'D DO IT 🙂 )


Shabaz Khan,Who works for google,narrates the journey of SUHOOR EXPRESS as," I always wanted to do something different from what everyone does, this made me think of an idea like suhoor. It's a tough job to pull out night time deliveries and to send orders on time as the customer contacts you and sleep, so it's a challenging job for the delivery guys as well but as I love challenges I took this risk of doing a startup  for sehri and Alhumdulillah received appreciation from all over the world. I still remember the night I published and introduced Suhoor Express in Hyderabad, the next day I woke up to 43 Missed Calls from all over the world for appreciating the concept. It went viral over night. I had to close orders on the first day as I already had close to 100 orders which is beyond limit. This is the second year of Suhoor Express, I have hired a talented team headed by some of my talented Juniors Maliha Hashmi and Shoaib Hussain , students of MJ college.

We aim to deliver the best quality and quantity. We plan to expand our business to different cities in India and let people know about this service. Not just a startup, delivering food is sawab as well.
The reason why this idea worked is because ofcorse it is the first of it's kind late night delivery service in Hyderabad but also our rates are very reasonable. You can find all our Typically Hyderabadi dishes from the ranges 120-140/-".
You can also donate Zakaat to SUHOOR Express,with which they will be delivering food to NEEDY very Responsibly.
You can get in touch with them at:
                        SUHOOR EXPRESS is spreading its wings Internationally soon.So Stay Tuned keep supporting.

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