Hyderabad Bakes

A bunch of students from Hyderabad are attracting the attention of thousands of hearts with their awesome ,tantalizing different flavored cakes.These amateur bakers are sharing their passion for baking with their families friends and communities. The Hyderabad Bakes chronicles has began with 3 friends and is exploring the world of baking with more accuracy and perfection .

DSC_2555 Their presentations according to the given themes are mind blowing. They even customize their products.Just place an order,,arrange a few short meetings with them and believe it they give you much more than you have desired for.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-09 at 1.14.31 PM When they are in action, the result is worth the wait.The complete and slow process of measuring,sifting, blending and off course,waiting,as the dough rises in the hot black box and the whole arena is saturated with the flavored scents of butter,flour,chocolate..the dough being transformed to something golden & ufffff perfect....ITS'THEM....THE MASTERS OF TRANSFORMATION!!!!

DSC_2527 These transformers have gained mastery in turning doughs to indulgent treats from chocolate cakes to cheesy ones or even simple plain ones... The team is devoting their time to their clients to keep them happy and satisfied.Simply making that endeavor feels like a gift to their own selves. DSC_2521 Your appreciation will work like a magic potion and will represent a pinnacle on the zeal of success.Your love will definitely allure them to be more perfect in their work. Do kindly visit their Instagram Page and place your order.We assure you the next time you may be in a queue to place your desire on their order list.

Hyderabad Bakes Instagram :  https://www.instagram.com/hyderabadbakes/

Gracious amigos!!!!!!

By Arshi Javed(Editor of ALLARSH)

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