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Meet the ALLARSHIANS:  ARSHI JAVED, img-20160827-wa0001
  • I am an ordinary person.I do not have a high profile or extraordinary achievements.By ancestral inheritance i belong from Iran, but my dad moved to Bangladesh before the liberation war.Here he settled to his new home and after a lot of years i was born in dhakatherefore i recognise myself as Bangladeshi.
  • I completed my studies in dhaka under British Council.At the age of 18 i got married to the most spectacular man in the world.He assisted me in my studies and because of him i was able to continue my further studies,but to some extent my husband, Javed Sami , always tried to be protective,possesssive,caring and at times dominating.Well i lived in confusion....".are these attributes out of love or just another version of men dominated world!!!!!!!"
  • He never allowed me to be in any profession.My dream to conquer tender hearts never saw daylight. Yet, i have no grudge against anyone . Love compensated.
  • To me ,gender is a struggle itself,to be gender free but this needs guts to break all boundaries.Presumably, i see myself as a woman of today,living in yesterday. I always ask myself ,"will we ever see tomorrow? "gender is a great barrier. It separates me not only from men ,but from the person i wanted to be ........independent and gender free.Gender is so accessible that it offers excuses for domestic violence, discrimination. I have a strong desire to work for women who are being molested ,discriminated or objected to domestic violence.
  • I love to read books . Lots and lots............. at young age i was under the spell of Enid Blyton series ....all my imaginations fantasies encircled around .....life seemed accomplished ...i don't think i have missed any of her series.Later i began reading books of Ian Fleming, FranklinW Dixon ,Carolyn Knee and many many more.I spent my leisure with my best friend. ....MY BOOKS....my interaction with people was zilch.My mom was my source.She used to cut her expenditures and bought books for me which i never noticed but now i feel guilty about the whole episode .I try to re compensate by serving her physically and giving her all my time which i cut only for her.
  • After a long period my Allah, blessed me a pair of twins.....i call them "twin stars".I felt my newborns ,warm ,solid and luscious.We gazed at each others' eyes and i was instantly in love....my twins became my centrifugal points.....my prime priority. I forgot all my dreams.My only endeavour was to instill good values,politeness, kindness and pocket rich knowledge. Seeing me handling my home,my kids, single handedly, my husband confided in me and allowed me to pursue my dream as a teacher "ONLY".But i declined and moved on to trim my twin.
  • In the long run my stars has become the heart-throb of many starting from their teachers to friends;relatives to younger cousins. ....all put them as examples towards their own kids..if ever there is an example of grace and resilience, alhumdulillah it's my 'twin stars'.....my relentless efforts have started to show vibrant colours.I am thankful to my DIVINE LORD without HIM it would have been impossible .I don't let a day go without giving gratitude for being who i am and congratulate myself for what i have achieved in life.
  • Now i am a mother, a teacher and beyond this i am a part of the most outstanding media,"ALLARSH ".This platform polished my hidden qualities.It helped me to know the world, it's people more vaguely. I love to work for my second" LOVE"
  • The biggest transformation i had here was the huge momentum which forcefully and almost continuously pushing me to commit myself as a lifelong part of ALLARSH. Not only this, ALLARSH made me aware of my weakness and disciplined me with time . suddenly i feel a teenager,more stronger and greedy to learn more lessons everyday from my teammates.we are all given one life and i am embracing it.I wish my magazine reaches the zeal.The journey to ALLARSH was a coincidence, a joke.I would like to give the whole credit to my dear friend Arshia Shaik.she redirected my path.she confided in me without seeing or knowing me personally.
  • Thank you Arshia Shaik. I have no words which could accurately describe the feeling of "THANKS". Hoping to have a more easy journey onwards,team!!!!!!!!!!!
  • indexHaving born and brought up in Mumbai, in 1995 I finished my Bachelor of Commerce from Mumbai University. I also pursued a 3 year computer course along with my degree.  Simultaneously, I started my career in 1993 in my first year of higher studies, and since then have always been on a frontage on seat to be an independent to come up as a self made lady of the present day.
  • Being a computer operator in the evening, I was able to put into practice that I learnt in the morning hours. Passion of teaching engaged me in the late evenings and tagging along the custom till 1999, the time flew like sand.
  • Having taken a half yearly break, I side tracked my path and in 2000 when I treaded into corporate sector and served for 1 year as an Executive in an Import Indenting Agency. Notwithstanding my Commerce background which had a natural pull for finances energized me in 2001 and I was escorted to be an Executive in a Scheduled Bank, a Govt alliance with 60-40 involvement and risk. I served in depository sector for 2 years.
  • In 2003,I got married to a Financial Advisor based in Punjab. Unlike a Metropolitan cosmopolitan urban environment, just to witness the labor customs in a small city in Punjab, I 2004, I started working in one of the leading immigration consultancies in North of India who too coincidentally broke a new ground since 1993 to put forward their service to help a person immigrate and uproot them abroad. (So that means we both are growing as one……hahahahah).
  • Taking motherhood as a most important phase of my life and my accountability for my daughter born in 2009, I again took a break of 2 years from full time corporate level employment. Nevertheless, reuniting with my passion for English and teaching, I positioned as a part time Sr. IELTS trainer for 2 years. I lent my hand to the people willing to study and settle abroad would move ahead to accomplish their dreams to relocate to different parts existing in our beautiful globe to come up and buff up the international language.
  • Last but not the least, tuning in to what is said is “Man Proposes, God Disposes”, I am under arrest of my destiny and my  just to see employment has continued till date, being a part of esteemed organization till date.
  • Not an omission and moving with the blowing wind, I am active on social sites. It was a sheer happenstance when I drew closer to Arshia in the course of one of the post shared in one of Foodie Group.  She too was an on the go constituent of the group. I still memorize that it was barely her observation on one of my comment; a tip for healthy cooking (a surrogate to one of the ingredient). That post of ours was ordained and hence it acted as a viaduct to make two ends meet. One fine day, nearly few months after that post and comment occurrence Arshia dropped a line of message regarding ALLARSH. It was like my dream come true episode for me and I happen to be a component of ALLARSH.
  • I had by no means eternally, even thought of to put pen to paper for an e-magazine, but as cited previously, Arshia is an intermediary to that was in my good fortune. My first post on Marriage that I contributed in end of April 2016 was no less than a milestone for me. It may be an initiation of yet a further fiscal year for many, but for me it was like to reignite the flame and pull up my sleeves to go back and spin the wheel of fortune and carry on my zeal of writing.
  • If truth is to be told, I would not shilly-shally to convey the credit to Arshia and her vision ALLARSH. I optimize that undeniably ALLARSH shall touch the blues up there.
  • Screenshot_20170624-130658Rooshna is a hustling mama of three boys whom she has lovingly named as Li'l Man, Wise Man and Darling. Needless to say, they keep her bustling and on toes all day.
  • But she tries making time for working from home and occasionally writing blogs at rooshna.wordpress.com.
  • Rooshna designs content for PR firms and loves writing. A WAHM, it is nice to her insta feed that speaks about her children, interiors she fancies, quotes that she'd love to live by and religious reflections.Few facts that you'd like to know about her :
  • She can analyse handwritings. Is a bit of a graphologist 😊
  • Is a booklover and current fav authors are Donna Tart and Audrey Niffenegger
  • Loves to learn languages like Arabic and French
  • Has a decent voice and sings for/with friends whom she feels close to.
  • Loves animals but can only not be afraid of petting cats!
  NANDITA SHARMA: 14520337_10153863944747401_3746004460714924127_n
From defining road maps for mobile applications particularly for kids as an Product Manager in Spice Labs Pvt. Ltd. and making it to Top 50 mobile Apps for Kids to now being a Homemaker & an Exhaustive (yet happy) mother to a 4yr old. Nandita aka That Imperfect Mother is trying to explore motherhood without being overwhelmed. Trying not to be critical and learning to give more credit to myself for raising a healthy & confident kid along with taking care of my family. Along with Freelancing Content and Digital Marketing for a few firms, I am managing the Blog: https://thatimperfectmom.blogspot.in/. Hi All, I am Nandita an Imperfect Mom in my Imperfectly Perfect world surviving one day at a time and making most of it. Started writing again after a long time with an intention to combine my two love writing and ranting about life, motherhood, mobile apps... you name it and I can speak about it.
RIYA GANWANI: 18622310_1711122815566343_6095795186158330027_n
Hi, I am Riya Ganwani. I was born in Nagpur. I am a post graduate in computers and all my studies were completed in Nagpur itself. I got married at the age of 23 and was a simple home maker or you can say housewife for about 10 years of marriage
          My life turned after 10 years of marriage because of my husband and social media and the result is I am a Food Blogger now.......finally...!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I live in a joint family having 2 lovely kids where i make myself free from all the duties and household work to continue with my blogging carrier. I live in a small town named Raver because my husband is a banana merchant and bananas' are grown here in bulk quantity. First when i started my carrier here it was very difficult for me to cope up and make a mark of myself in this small town but by the grace of GOD and blessings of my parents today i am a successful entrepreneur here in Raver .
Two main person who changed my life are my husband and my mumma. My husband always supported me in every single aspect related to my blogging carrier and i am really blessed to have a lovely husband. My mother was a wonderful cook ,the efforts and techniques of cooking are because of my mother .Unfortunately my parents left me in a car accident and i was shakened by their death but the reason of to continue blogging is because of my mother because she used to be very happy whenever i used to win prizes and also then when i started my blog. My blog is dedicated to my mumma .
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